Jun 6, 2022
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Donetsk: Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to disrupt Putin’s trip to Donbass with shelling

In the photo: a woman near a burned-out ambulance after shelling in the Kuibyshevsky district of Donetsk

In the photo: a woman near a burned-out ambulance after shelling in the Kuibyshevsky district of Donetsk (Photo: Volodymyr Gerdo/TASS)

June 4 became a “Black Saturday” in Donetsk. The city was literally covered by Grads of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A total of about fifty rockets were fired at the residential areas of the Voroshilovsky, Kuibyshevsky, Petrovsky Yasinovatsky districts. According to operational information from the DPR JCCC, five citizens were killed. Twenty other people, including a child, were injured.

The shells damaged houses, a gymnasium, a lyceum and a kindergarten. Firefighters worked without rest: apartments and cars were burning.

There are many videos on YouTube in which local residents say that there have been no intensive shelling of residential areas for a long time. Moreover, even those quarters that had not been shelled before were affected.

“People are discouraged and are going through what happened very hard,” he said. Donetsk military commissar Vlad Evtushenko. It is clear that they are confused and frightened. Civilians are not ready for the fact that they will be hit with “Grads” when they have gathered at home with the whole family.

joint venture»: – Why did the Armed Forces of Ukraine subject the city to such a massive shelling?

“They were able to do it and they did it. And they will do it whenever the opportunity presents itself. Now they have both forces and means. And they stand at a distance that allows shelling of Donetsk and other settlements.

It is very difficult for us, who live far from the hostilities, to imagine what the residents of Donetsk have been going through every day for eight years now. But the evening of June 4 will be remembered for a long time, if not forever. In the video footage of the shelling, muffled rumbles are heard and bluish flashes are visible, similar to horizontal lightning strikes. But the picture does not convey even a tenth of reality.

At the end of March, beginning of April, we, a group of Russian and foreign journalists, were on a press tour in Donetsk, Volnovakha and the Mariupol suburbs. They came to Donetsk to spend the night, stayed in the city for three evenings. And every evening the APU shelled the city. The volleys of the Grad are rolling and booming. On the street it seems that the earth is trembling, in the room the glasses begin to ring. You sit calmly, drink tea and think: will it arrive or not? And then you get up and tightly draw the curtains (by the way, opaque), because the word “blackout” pops up in your memory, remembered from books and films about the Great Patriotic War. Although you understand that this is a completely useless action.

So, on the evening of June 4, residential areas near the hotel where we were staying were shelled.

Nearby are a cinema, a church, a city park. There are no military installations.

Judging by the comments on the Web, the news about the barbaric shelling of a peaceful city left few people indifferent. But people are wondering why Donetsk has not yet been secured.

“The main goal was to protect the people of Donbass. A special operation has been going on for three months, and Donetsk has been bombed and bombed. What’s happening?”

“Such facts detract from the statements of politicians that they are “clicking like nuts”. Is it really impossible to suppress firing points? Where is the counter-battery fight?

Here we allow ourselves to refer to our own “informed sources”, which explain the situation as follows: the Armed Forces of Ukraine are shelling Donetsk from well-fortified positions, located not in the wide Ukrainian steppe, but in the settlements controlled by them. And – close to the houses of civilians. If you strike back at the firing points, a lot of civilians will suffer. Again “human shield”. This tactic was followed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine both in Volnovakha and Mariupol, leaving behind ruins in the literal sense.

Political scientist Sergey Markov believes that one of the reasons for Saturday’s madness may just be the desire of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to provoke Russia into a tough retaliatory strike. This is one possible tactical reason. It is also likely that the Kyiv regime is resorting to intimidation tactics in order to use the example of Donetsk to show the residents of Zaporozhye, Kharkiv, Nikolaev, Odessa: if they defect to Russia, then they will face the same terrorist strikes in the city center. Another possible goal is to put psychological pressure on the inhabitants of already liberated cities so that they do not cooperate with the new government.

Because if such cooperation is established, then peaceful life will quickly be restored there and everything will be fine. And Kyiv needs people to treat the Russian government as an occupation, so that frightened residents do not make contact, and it ends up in a vacuum.

It is also possible that this is a manifestation of infernal evil when they shoot because they want more blood. After all, a regime has been formed that kills and tortures not for some rational reasons, but from an irrational desire to do evil.

There is one more, according to the political scientist, the most interesting version: to prevent the president from coming to Donetsk Putin. Ukrainian sources give information that, according to Ukrainian intelligence, such a trip is being prepared. Perhaps the Russian leader will also visit Luhansk and Mariupol. Very tough statements are expected to be made during this visit. So the Armed Forces of Ukraine, inflicting monstrous cruelty on Donetsk, is trying to intimidate the Federal Security Service so that it blocks Putin’s arrival.

But there is also a global strategic reason why shelling of peaceful settlements continues, Sergei Markov believes.

– This is, of course, a manifestation of the policy of state terrorism, since the strikes are not against military targets. And this policy is supported by the US and the European Union. This is the main underlying cause of the ongoing tragedy. And we are still afraid to face the terrible reality: the US and the EU started a terrorist war against Russia. It is still limited, not direct. But these restrictions will evolve rapidly. And, unfortunately, neither our elite nor our public opinion can believe that such a war against Russia is already underway. This is yet to be realized.

At the time of writing this material on Sunday, June 5, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to shell Donetsk. 15 shells of 155 mm caliber have already been fired across the city. But it’s not evening yet.

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