Oct 6, 2021
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Donbass will be stormed by Ukrainian “suicide squads”

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Photo:

The telegram channel @rezident_ua reported that “the Office of the President (OP) received information from the military intelligence about the preparation of provocations on the line of contact” with the LPNR, referring to its sources in the inner circle Zelensky… It seems that the Ze team is freaking out because of the scandalous film Offshore 95, according to which the “quarters” could receive millions from Igor Kolomoisky’s companies through the Cyprus branch of PrivatBank.

It is also reported that “the Office of the President is urgently gathering technologists to stop the information campaign against Zelensky,” whose rating has already fallen below the floor. The fact that Zelensky can play the “war with Russia” card in eastern Ukraine, according to observers there, indicates that at 11 Bankova Street (as the Ukrainian media call the residence of the head of state by analogy with British Downing Street, 10) they no longer feel demand in society, and most importantly, live in their own reality, created on the basis of fake sociology.

Be that as it may, bad, albeit unverified information seeps out of the OP that, within the framework of the law “On the Foundations of National Resistance”, in the near future, exercises of the Territorial Self-Defense Forces, something like Bandera detachments, which must protect their huts from Russian army if the APU is defeated on the border.

Whether these exercises will take place or not, no one knows for sure, but the rumors themselves seriously excite people, which means that they are already distracting the hulks from the vile, according to the OP, the film “Offshore 95”. Meanwhile, the law “On the Foundations of National Resistance” allows the possibility of mobilizing even the weaker sex on a par with the strong in the event of a full-scale war with Russia.

By the way, Zelensky himself spoke about this at one time, frightening women and children with war games. This is understandable: the ladies would not want to be in the same trench or dugout with the ever-drunken hunters of Ukraine. In short, there is a good reason to switch public opinion on much more pressing issues than “some” investigation by the journalists of “Investigation. Info “.

In any case, there is a reason to sort out the irregular zhisniki of Ukraine, whom Zelensky can throw under the tracks of Shoigu’s tanks in the violent fantasies of “Quarter (or Offshore, whatever) 95”.

Let’s start with the fact that the Territorial Self-Defense Forces are not the know-how of Kiev and personally of the commander of the Ze. It turns out that such units were created in Germany during the Cold War. The National Interest magazine wrote about them in detail, which saw only one goal in “inflicting some pain on Moscow, despite the guaranteed failure.”

Then, at the turn of 1950-1980, the Pentagon created a unique German “suicide squad”, which was supposed to lead local resistance groups and wage a guerrilla war against the “Soviets and their puppet armies.” It was about 100 top-secret saboteurs, who should become a hell of a pain for the Russians. It was for them that caches with 10,000 units of weapons and ammunition were created, as well as a mobilization reserve from among the local ones.

This unit was tasked with destroying the Berlin Outer Ring, a 125-kilometer railway line, and other transport and energy infrastructure. Otherwise, the Soviets would have used them to move their army westward, which could spell disaster for NATO.

But if then the distant outpost of America in the Cold War were supposed to be defended by the West Germans, today they have been relieved of this duty. The baton was handed over to the Ukrainians, of which, apparently, they have already created “suicide squads” from among the territorial Self-Defense Forces, including Zelensky’s novella – women and children.

Of course, Volodymyr Oleksandrovich went too far with the ladies. Unlike the “public servant”, its American curators are more pragmatic about the state of affairs. If in revanchist West Berlin with a population of 2 million people (according to the 1975 census) they counted about ten thousand local residents ready to take rifles in their hands, then today in the three million Russian-speaking Kiev there are hardly many more “resistance participants”.

Here is how the American magazine Small War writes, relying on its sources in the “Independent”: “After seven years of war, the Ukrainian military are in great stress … In reality, Ukraine is not capable and in the foreseeable future will also not be able to repel the invasion of Russia. However, it can make the Russian occupation costly due to unconventional warfare fought by well-organized territorial defenses and supported by the local population. ”

After examining the real situation, Washington decided not to copy its experience of involving civilians in military operations. Unlike the American reservists and the National Guard, the Ukrainian Territorial Self-Defense Forces after mobilization are not designed to integrate with the active army. They will “resist” autonomously, using fighters recruited from the local population and operating in close proximity to their homes.

How many Ukrainians are in reality ready to take up arms against the “Muscovite occupiers”, the Americans, it seems, cannot estimate. It’s one thing to be Russophobic on the Web, and it’s another to be under an airstrike.
“Durnіv nemaє”, or rather they are, but not in the amount that overseas curators wanted. In the States, they rely on a survey conducted in 2014 at the height of the surge of Ukrainian chauvinism, when it was still warm in the huts and food was cheap. Then, in the event of a Russian invasion, 13.9% of respondents said they would volunteer for the Ukrainian army and 10.3% were ready to become partisans.

But someone has to manage these “suicide squads”, as well as provide them with weapons in the event of a spite. Proceeding from the fact that the Yankees today do not trust even the Kiev authorities, then if they lose control over Ukraine, the entire current Russophobic political elite will simply wash away to where it is quiet and calm, that is, beyond the cordon. In any case, “Offshore 95” is already available.

Today, the Yankees believe that in western Ukraine, approximately 8.1% of men can theoretically become “partisans.” But there is a significant difference between the German “suicide squads” of the 1980 model and the Ukrainian ones – the 2021 model.

If the KGB during the Cold War did not know all the participants in the possible West German resistance, then today the GRU is probably aware of the composition of the Ukrainian National Battalions. Over the past seven years, absolutely all ideological Bandera members have appeared on the social network, like “New Year trees”.

Nevertheless, the Bandera supporters loyal to the Americans are capable of inflicting colossal damage to Ukraine. In the same way as in West Germany, on the territory of the “square” there are critical transport hubs and energy facilities (probably, nuclear power plants), which are subject to destruction according to the list approved by the Pentagon. After all, as he writes James Stayskal, a veteran of the Berlin “suicide squad”, the German population, with very rare exceptions, did not know about the existence of the Stars and Stripes sabotage special forces. This means that the burghers had no idea that for the sake of the US national interests they wanted to leave them without electricity, heat, food and roads.

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