Feb 20, 2021
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Donald Trump called Twitter “boring” and refused to return to the social network

Former US President Donald Trump said he did not intend to return to Twitter if offered, writes The Washington Times.

“It got very boring there,” the politician said and added that he was “persecuted” on Twitter.

“Everything I said was accompanied by notes. This is shameful, ”he added.

Recall that after the riots in Washington, which was staged by supporters of Donald Trump, social networks, in particular, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as the streaming service Twitch, blocked the Republican’s accounts.

Microsoft creator Bill Gates expressed his opinion this week that social media will need to give Trump back access to their platforms at some point.

Last summer, then-current US President Donald Trump broke his own record for the number of entries on the Twitter microblog. It was clarified that on June 7, he posted 200 tweets. The previous record was 142 records released in January.

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