Oct 13, 2020
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Dominic West’s wife “shocked and heartbroken” over husband’s romantic photos with Lily James

Dominic West

Katherine Fitzgerald and Dominic West

Dominic West's wife Catherine Fitzgerald is "shocked, heartbroken and devastated" after photos of the actor kissing Lily James were posted online. The shots were taken by the paparazzi in Rome on Sunday.

Katherine Fitzgerald and Dominic West

Dominic, 50, and Lily, 31, appear to be on vacation together. The couple first rode an electric scooter around the city, sightseeing and hugged tenderly, and then the stars went to eat at one of the restaurants.

A source told MailOnline that Dominique and Lily spent two nights in a suite at the Hotel De La Ville, with panoramic views of Rome and just a two-minute walk from the Spanish Steps.

Photos of celebrities were also seen by the actor's wife. A friend of Catherine's, who came to comfort her at the family home near Chippenham, Wiltshire, told MailOnline that she was "devastated" because she believed they had a strong marriage.

Catherine has seen the photographs and she is devastated. I went to talk to her as soon as I found out about them. I tried to talk to Dominic, but he doesn't answer the call. She is deeply shocked because she didn't know something was happening. They were a close-knit couple, so this is completely unexpected. She thought they had a strong marriage, and now it's probably all over. This is how she feels now, but the two of them need to talk, but at the moment she is speechless,

The insider said.

Catherine Fitzgerald and Dominic West with family

This is their family home, and as you can see, this is a wonderful place. They have great kids. Katherine was shocked when she saw these pictures and they also made us numb. It's a complete shock to everyone who knows them

- said the gardener living on the territory of their family estate.

To say that she is in shock is to say nothing. She is heartbroken and has nothing to talk about publicly. She needs to be left alone and be alone with herself,

- said the source.

Catherine lives with Dominique and their children: 13-year-old daughter Dora, 12-year-old son Senan, 11-year-old son Francis and 7-year-old daughter Christabel. The actor also has a 22-year-old daughter Martha from his ex-girlfriend Polly Astor.

Lily and Dominic appear to have bonded on the set. They will star in the adaptation of Nancy Mitford's famous novel In Search of Love.

West became famous for his role as Noah Solloway on the TV series Lovers. His wife is the landscape designer and aristocrat Catherine Fitzgerald. They have been married since 2010, but new photos taken in Rome do not show the wedding ring on his ring finger.

It was announced Thursday that 31-year-old Lily James has split up with 37-year-old Matt Smith. They made an attempt to renew their relationship, but nothing came of it.

A source told The Sun that Lily and Matt realized they'd be better off staying friends.

Lily James and Matt Smith
Lily James and Matt Smith

This year, they are trying to mend their relationship, because they both love each other very much. But, unfortunately, it just doesn't work that way, and they mutually decided to close this chapter of their lives. Now Lily just wants to find a normal guy who will not be in the spotlight, because it was quite difficult for her to be together with another famous actor,

- said the source.

Lily James and Matt Smith

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