Oct 14, 2020
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Dominic West on male infidelity in marriage: “Women should be more forgiving”

Dominic West on male infidelity in marriage: "Women should be more forgiving"

Dominic West

Journalists and fans continue to follow the twists and turns in the relationship between 50-year-old Dominic West and his 49-year-old wife Catherine Fitzgerald, which are developing against the background of the actor's affair with his 31-year-old co-star Lily James. While some continue to discuss the romantic shots of West and James from Rome and wonder what kind of relationship the actors really have, others sort out old Dominic's interviews and look for hints of what happened in them.

So, in one of the conversations with the Evening Standard in 2016, Dominic West really spoke out about adultery in marriage. Then the star of the series "Lovers" expressed a clear opinion that the family should not collapse because of a man's fleeting affair.

Dominic WestDominic West

It seems to me that women should be more lenient towards male infidelities. I really think so. It's silly to kick someone out of the house because of an affair. Is not it? Everyone should turn a blind eye to the behavior of men between the ages of 40 and 50. Let it all settle down

- the actor shared his look.

Recall that after the appearance on the network of pictures from the romantic journey of Dominic West and Lily James across Rome, according to which their communication can hardly be called friendly, the actor, together with his wife Catherine Fitzgerald, made an official statement. The couple spoke to reporters on the doorstep of their family mansion in Wiltshire: the couple assured them of the strength of their union and kissed.

Dominic West and Catherine FitzgeraldDominic West and Catherine Fitzgerald

Then many Internet users were surprised by such a calm reaction of the actor's wife. By the way, close friends of the family assure that, in fact, Katherine is furious and is not going to let this story down so easily. According to them, after appearing in public, the spouses will have several difficult one-on-one conversations, in which Fitzgerald will demand an explanation from her husband.

I saw these pictures today. I don't know what's going on. Katherine is always very straightforward in relationships. She's very kind and sweet, but she won't take shit like that

- one of the friends of the star couple shared his opinion about what is happening.

Dominic West and Catherine Fitzgerald

It is noteworthy that the third party of this "love triangle" - Lily James - so far refrains from any comments on this matter. By the way, she really has no one to make excuses to, because not long before this story she broke up with her boyfriend Matt Smith. What will happen now with the marriage of Dominic West and Catherine Fitzgerald, it is too early to say. But the couple is known to treasure their 18-year-old relationship (10 of them are married) and always put family first. In marriage, Dominic and Catherine are raising four children, while the actor still has an adult daughter from a previous relationship.

Lily jamesLily james

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