Oct 17, 2020
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Dogs don’t like alien friend

dogs and robot alienKelly Bocchieri, who bought a funny toy robot depicting an alien, anticipated in advance how her dog would react to the new thing.

dogs and robot alien

Five-year-old Champ and three-year-old Tyson did not disappoint the hostess, who filmed the acquaintance on video.

dogs and robot alien

The dogs spread all over the house, because they did not like the new friend at all and seemed too scary.

dogs and robot alien

True, it was enough just to carefully sniff the robot to make sure that there was nothing so terrible in it, and there was nothing interesting either.

dogs and robot alien

Later, a resident of New York (USA) shared the video she got on social networks, and the audience not only laughed at the reaction of Champ and Tyson, but also noted that such "live" toys really often make our four-legged friends nervous.

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