Feb 17, 2021
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“Doesn’t concern me”: Anastasia Makeeva commented on the presence of a wife and four children from her boyfriend

A few days ago, Anastasia Makeeva declassified the identity of her new lover. It turned out to be Roman Malkov, who was doing repairs at the actress’s dacha. It soon became clear that the man in Slovenia had a wife and four children, and he went to Russia to work.


Having met with Makeeva his family, he stopped helping. But it seems that Makeeva does not really care, and she even plans to connect her life with a new lover.

“I really love children. This whole story does not concern me. What do you want from me? I do not understand. Yes, we are going to get married,” – said the actress “Starhit”.

By the way, Makeeva already has three marriages behind her shoulders. As Makeeva previously commented on the presence of so many children can be read here …


Below we suggest recalling the erotic photo shoots and bed scenes of Anastasia Makeeva in the cinema:

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