Apr 29, 2022
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Does the US agree to the terms of the Russian Federation? Or why Erdogan invites Putin to meet with Zelensky

Pictured: US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken

Pictured: US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken (Photo: Zuma/TASS)

Washington will not be opposed to Ukraine declaring itself a non-bloc, neutral country. This somewhat unexpected statement was made by the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in the US Senate. According to him, the United States seeks to arm Ukraine only in order to strengthen its position at the negotiating table. And in general, the Yankees cannot be “more Ukrainian than the Ukrainians themselves.” In short, the final decision on the future of the “square” will depend on Kyiv, and Washington washes its hands of it.

Interestingly, the head of the State Department answered the “Ukrainian” questions for almost three hours, including separately dwelling on the reproach of the Republican Rand Paul, who wanted to know why the administration Biden “agitates” for Ukraine’s accession to NATO. No, no, America’s chief foreign minister shook his head: “We didn’t promise anything to Kyiv.”

Like, only Ukraine determines its fate, and the “white and fluffy” and, most importantly, disinterested United States never allegedly interferes in other people’s affairs. “Didn’t Blinken eat too much henbane, my grandmother would say if she was alive,” so many yellow-blakity truth-tellers quipped in one way or something like that.

But it still didn’t go anywhere. Further, the State Department officer No. 1 suffered such a blizzard that he was taken aback. It turns out that the United States is “very serious” about Russia’s security issues and has always “sought to cooperate” with Moscow. independent.” Just think, they invited Ukraine to the alliance, because promising does not mean getting married.

However, some in Ukraine heard in the response of the head of the State Department about the possible neutrality of the “square” an undisguised signal to Moscow that the Stars and Stripes curators are inclined to recognize Russia’s initial demands. However, to believe the Yankees, and even more so the hulks in power, does not respect oneself.

Recall, just a few days after the start of the special operation Mikhail Podolyakadviser Zelenskytold Reuters that Ukraine wants peace and is ready for negotiations with Russia, including on a non-bloc status. Who has forgotten: at that time, experts were noisily discussing the so-called Minsk-3, which would make it possible to close all the sore points between Russia and Ukraine.

It was not only about renouncing NATO membership, but also about fixing the actual borders of the “square” in the new treaty. After all, it was already clear that the claims to Taurida and the shelling of Donbass would not end well. These regions are forever lost to the “nenka”, which means why cling to them. But soon Kyiv declared the opposite: “We did not say this, and we will not give up a single meter of Ukrainian land.”

To understand how events will develop in the future, it makes sense to recall what Ukrainian telegram channels wrote about the first stage of negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow. On the sidelines of the very first meeting in Minsk, which took place on February 28, the Russian side allegedly made a proposal to “quickly agree”, otherwise the “square” will lose not only the Russian east, but also the Russian south.

At that time, few people paid attention to these rumors, but when Kyiv actually withdrew from the negotiation process, the deputy commander of the troops of the Central Military District (TsVO) Rustam Minnekaev stated that during the second stage of the special military operation, the Russian army plans to establish full control over the Donbass and southern Ukraine, as well as provide a land corridor to the Crimea.

Now all the stated goals are being realized. For example, an April 26 press release from The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) experts from the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) says that Russian troops have adopted a more reasonable scheme for an operational offensive in eastern Ukraine, at least along the line from Izyum to Rubezhnoy. They move along several parallel roads at a distance of support from each other, which allows them to use greater combat power in the event of UAF counterattacks.

This is fundamentally different from the first stage, when individual vanguards or remaining units fell into Ukrainian traps. Moreover, the forward movement is more methodical than fast. The chosen tactics make it possible to avoid unnecessary casualties, while grinding, nevertheless, the most combat-ready units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. By the way, the sources of the WarGonzo project reported that units of the People’s Militia of the LPR entered the city of Rubizhnoye, where the fortified area of ​​the Armed Forces of Ukraine is located.

But what is important: the logistics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the logistics of the Kyiv regime continue to lament. And here it is logical to quote ISW: “A series of likely coordinated Russian missile strikes, delivered at intervals of an hour early on April 25, hit critical transport infrastructure in the Vinnitsa, Poltava, Khmelnytsky, Rivne and Zhytomyr regions.”

It’s time to return to Blinken’s statement that the United States is helping Ukraine with weapons only to strengthen its negotiating position. Apparently, Washington is preparing for new rounds of meetings, clearly fearing even more significant territorial losses of the “square”.

But, according to the head of the State Department, “To date, we have not seen any signs that the president Insert takes significant negotiations seriously. If he does it and if the Ukrainians participate, we will support it.”

In fact, we are talking about trying to distort the situation in your own way. Pumping up the Armed Forces of Ukraine with weapons, the Yankees clearly want to change the balance of power and remove Russia from geopolitics for many years. We also add that a week ago the head of European diplomacy Borrell urged to dot all the “i” on the battlefield.

Therefore, the current consent of the Yankees to a “neutral status” can be safely regarded as forced and highly undesirable for the American administration. The situation, however, is brought to such an information impasse that any consent from Moscow to negotiations will be regarded by Kyiv as a sign of the weakness of the Russian army.

It is also noteworthy that Blinken’s statement that only Kyiv decides its own fate surprisingly coincided with the call Erdogan “raise the status of the Russian-Ukrainian talks in Istanbul to the highest level.” This means that it is Zelensky who is looking for a meeting with Putin. It seems that there is a multi-move, aimed, at least, at disrupting the offensive of the RF Armed Forces in the Donbass.

On the other hand, Ukrainian truth-tellers have repeatedly written that after the liquidation of Azov *, as the most aggressive opposition to the “quarters”, there may be “breakthrough” progress on the peace treaty.

But, as you know, there is nothing variable in the world than Ukrainian politics. The Kyiv regime can turn everything upside down in an instant. Therefore, the highly experienced GDP will simply not go to any meetings with an unclear outcome. It can be assumed that framework agreements will be signed first, and on Russia’s terms. Only it is unlikely that before the end of the Battle of Donbass, the Russian Federation will agree to seriously discuss anything.

If Kyiv again does not agree to Moscow’s new proposals, then after the cleansing of the Black Sea and Azov regions of Ukraine, hostilities will move to the northeast of the “square”: to the Chernihiv, Sumy and Poltava regions. Moreover, now it is from there that drone attacks on Russia are coming.

* Images of chevrons of the Azov Battalion were recognized as extremist by the decision of the Frunzensky District Court of Vladimir 11/30/2015 and included in the Federal List of Extremist Materials under item 3269.

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