Sep 4, 2022
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Does Katerina Bosov have a lobbyist in the person of Yatsenyuk?

In the photo: Arseniy Yatsenyuk

In the photo: Arseniy Yatsenyuk (Photo: AP/TASS)

The other day, several Ukrainian media published an interview with the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. The accusations against Russia and bows towards the West, which have already become on-duty in Ukraine, do not arouse much interest. However, Arseniy Yatsenyuk burst into laudatory tirades against some Russians who left for the West, condemned the SVO and support the Ukrainian Armed Forces not only in word but also in deed.

Among the “friends of Ukraine” Arseniy Yatsenyuk named and Ekaterina Bosov – the widow of the former founder and owner of the Sibanthracite coal holding Dmitry Bosov.

Katerina Bosov sued the relatives of the ex-husband, trying to gain full control over the company. However, as a result, she began to appear in criminal cases on fraud with shares of a coal holding and on driving a former oligarch to suicide, and by a decision of the Odintsovo city court, Katerina Bosov was deprived of her husband’s inheritance rights.

The talkative Yatsenyuk said that he knew Katerina Bosov “for many years, at one time she helped us supply anthracite coal to metallurgical plants through a chain of companies, at a real risk of going to jail if the Russian authorities found out about this.”

As Novye Izvestia reported, Katerina Bosov for some time headed Sibanthracite-logistic, a subsidiary of the Sibantartsit holding, and her “Ukrainian schemes” led law enforcement agencies to open a criminal case on coal smuggling to Ukraine. Dmitry Bosov had to transfer his wife, who was entangled in fraud, to another position.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk also praised Katerina Bosov for publicly calling for the freezing of assets of Russian state-owned companies and a ban on issuing Schengen visas to Russians. Yatsenyuk also demonstrated awareness of Katerina Bosov’s attempts to sue her ex-husband’s relatives in European courts: “We will help her defend her legal property in international courts, and I know that she will certainly use this money to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and our charitable projects” .

Katerina Bosov and other fugitive businessmen from Russia are making desperate efforts to appear in the eyes of the Western public as “Ukrainian patriots.” In addition to public statements in the media, “defectors” are trying to enlist the support of Ukrainian lobbyists. Of course, it is necessary to make a “contribution” in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and lobbyists do not work for free. But big capital is at stake. Katerina Bosov organizes political PR, against which she expects to win a lawsuit in a Cypriot court. And her proposals to freeze Russian assets are not just a “good wish.” She is certainly interested in seizing Russian property with the help of European courts.

Given the fact that Katerina Bosov practically renounced her homeland and ran into an enemy trench, questions arise as to whether it is permissible for her to retain Russian citizenship? Do the Russian law enforcement agencies through Interpol intend to seek her extradition and complete the investigation of the criminal cases in which she appears? The West is not going to fight directly with Russia, but through legal, political and financial mechanisms is preparing to seize Russian assets. And domestic profit hunters who have fled from criminal prosecution abroad are ready to join the process. The Russian state machine must put up a powerful barrier to these plans.

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