Sep 6, 2022
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Does independent Texas recognize independent LDNR and Abkhazia?

Does independent Texas recognize independent LDNR and Abkhazia?

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Arguments on the topic of a possible civil war in the United States have been extremely popular lately, and Russian “semi-official” has also been noted today. Yes, there are problems in the States, very serious ones, but it is too early to pass off wishful thinking. The federal center successfully extinguishes all conflicts, even in Texas it is now surprisingly quiet, and ordinary Americans are forced to put up with expensive gasoline and expensive food.

“The United States of America has gone from a great country to a country with an uncertain future and a very possible civil war. It was impossible to imagine 30 years ago that the possibility of a civil war in the United States would not be a wild, ridiculous idea for a significant part of the US population. And now it is. Because ideological fanaticism and the subordination of one’s whole life to it have never brought anyone to good, ”says the editor-in-chief of the Rossiya Segodnya MIA and the RT channel Margarita Simonyan.

There are different opinions about what is possible in the world and what is not. In fact, everything is possible, including the arrival of aliens (both friendly and evil), the appearance of the people of Cthulhu and the awakening of life in the mummy of Tutankhamun. The probability is non-zero, any mathematician will explain this to you. The fact that she’s small doesn’t matter. Not zero, period!

In order to understand the current situation in the United States, you should first turn to history, its study is generally useful. So, that same Civil War of the 19th century has purely economic reasons, and extremely simple ones. The blacks had nothing to do with them, then everyone didn’t give a damn – and today, in fact, too.

The agrarian South did not have its own fleet, but produced a lot of all sorts of goods, primarily cotton. The fleet had an industrial North, but its degree of industrialization is greatly exaggerated. In fact, the Yankees (northerners) usurped all foreign trade, they bought goods cheaply and sold them to Europe, and the imports brought from there were sold to southerners with a markup of 200-300% and more. And when the southerners decided to create their own merchant fleet, the war began.

“Provide 10% and capital is ready for any use, at 20% it becomes lively, at 50% it is positively ready to break its head, at 100% it violates all human laws, at 300% there is no such crime that it would not risk , at least under pain of the gallows, ”wrote an English publicist in the 19th century Thomas Dunning. The bearded founder of Marxism simply blatantly stole this quote from him.

And the crimes began. What the northerners did in the South, by the standards of that time, is comparable to the atrocities of the Nazis. And by the standards of the twentieth century, in general, too. There is a lot of information on this subject on the Internet, including in the US, in the States there are also enough “truth-tellers”. Rednecks (“red necks”, the nickname of the farmers) still remember all this, and the embers of that war are smoldering, not quenched. It can flare up at any moment, especially if there is an opportunity to get even. The descendants of the planters will slaughter the descendants of the “carpetbaggers”, and with particular cruelty. This is not forgotten and not forgiven.

There was also a second Civil War in the United States, so to speak, “undeclared” – during the years of the Great Depression, the country’s population decreased by about 8-12 million people. Both about the reason for the artificially created famine, and during the armed clashes, when numerous gangs helped the bankers redistribute (seize) property. There is enough information about the “American Holodomor” and about the activities of gangs, both in Runet and there, with them. They remember, and they are not going to forgive either.

Are there conditions now for old conflicts to flare up again? To do this, as you might guess, it is necessary to weaken the central government, but this has not yet been observed in the United States. There is some fermentation in society, but nothing more.

“Confrontation” Trump as well as Biden and the whole game around them is nothing more than a fight between two puppets on a theater stage. Both the one and the other are only conductors of someone else’s will, since December 1913, when the Federal Reserve System (FRS) was formed, the tenants of the White House in the city of Washington are nothing more than zits-chairmen like the unforgettable Pound.

Yes, there have been attempts to change this. Franklin Delano Roosevelt he moved in a wheelchair, his legs did not work (the consequences of more than a stormy youth, he even looked for pirate treasures!), but otherwise he was healthy as a bull. But at the peak of his popularity, the politician suddenly played in the box, and for some reason they buried him in a closed coffin. He sold his life dearly. John Fitzgerald Kennedy also tried to overthrow the dictatorship of the cosmopolitan bankers, but he was shot dead. And then his brother.

At the moment, such violent ones are somehow not seen in America, and Donald Trump is very difficult to call such. Actually, as president, he was not particularly remembered for anything, he was active, a fact, but somehow, on the whole, stupidly. In fact, he depicted violent activity in the absence of it. All the destructive processes that were launched before, continued with him. Yes, there were many high-profile statements, but everything, as they say, went off the whistle.

And Mr. Trump did not say anything revolutionary, he was prudently silent about the need to overthrow the power of finance capital. And still doesn’t stutter. Therefore, he is alive.

“The situation in the United States of America has now reached an acute phase – so acute that it is fraught not only with a political crisis, but also with a transition to a large-scale armed confrontation. Even with the risk of the US disintegrating into separate states, ”says Deputy President of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences, Captain 1st Rank Konstantin Sivkov.

But what is its sharpness, the military expert does not specify. Yes, a two-fold (and moreover) increase in prices for fuel and lubricants makes everyone wildly angry, as well as food products that have risen in price. This is all very unpleasant, but not critical. Take away firearms? A clear violation of the Constitution, a fact. But after all all again are silent! Including “servants of the people”, all sorts of congressmen and other senators.

That is, the federal government is stronger than ever, and it actually proves its ability to extinguish any discontent. As long as it proves it. Even in Texas, they seem to have stopped the buzz, although they were going to hold a referendum on secession there in the summer. But they seem to have calmed down. Oil prices are high, local tycoons are making super profits, everyone is happy. Yes, there is a danger that Texas, the Lone Star State, will also suffer in the course of “regulation” of the price of Russian Urals. But so far it hasn’t happened…

“White heterosexual is the new pariah in the US,” says former Deputy Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy in the Ronald Reagan Administration, PhD in Economics Paul Craig Roberts.

In fact, there is such a topic, a very problematic one. Those same WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant – White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant), on which the whole of America rests, in fact, have less rights than some black drug dealer or Latinos who illegally leaked into the States. But after all, even here you can’t hear the shooting, or rather, they shoot only at the whites. And they endure.

It turns out that the Fed firmly holds the levers of governing the country, and it is still more than premature to talk about a new Civil War in the United States. There is no force that would oppose cosmopolitan bankers, just like here in Russia, a coalition capable of resisting the liberal fifth column has not taken shape. Therefore, it is a little early to talk about what the foreign policy of an independent Texas will be like, whether it will join the BRICS, and so on. Maybe he will enter. However, real cowboys try to walk carefully and prefer not to go anywhere, boots must be clean and not stink.

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