Oct 18, 2021
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Dodon told who will lead the Socialist Party after him

Former President of Moldova, head of the Socialist Party (PRSM) Igor Dodon said that in December the socialists will give up the post of chairman of the political formation and introduce a collegial governing body, RIA Novosti reports.

According to the politician, the party will switch to a new leadership formula. The Socialist Party will begin to be managed jointly by five members of the executive committee.

Dodon noted that at the December congress he will complete the mandate of the chairman of the Party of Socialists, but will remain its member. He received an offer to become an honorary chairman of the PSRM. The decision will be made at the congress, which will be held on December 18.

Earlier it was reported that the leader of the PRSM Igor Dodon congratulated President Maia Sandu and her Action and Solidarity Party (PDS) on winning the elections and wished them success. He said that his party is going into opposition and will follow the actions of the PDS. Dodon added that he was not going to take people to the streets and called for the early formation of a government.

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