Oct 14, 2020
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Dodon: “The help of external forces is needed for the Maidan”

"We are considering different scenarios in which you may need to defend your election victory."

Long before the start of the election campaign in Moldova, there were talks about possible falsification of the presidential election results. Such statements were regularly voiced by the former Prime Minister of Moldova, the leader of the pro-European party NOT Maya Sandu. And after the events that followed in Belarus, and then in Kyrgyzstan, where the opposition refused to recognize the results of the parliamentary elections, experts have repeatedly tried all sorts of similar scenarios for Moldova.

However, the current President of Moldova and a candidate for a second presidential term Igor Dodon I am sure that the scenario of the “color revolution” in Moldova can be realized only under one condition - with the help of external forces.

“I do not believe in destabilization and in Maidans without the geopolitical support of an external player. Otherwise, with a strong government in the country, any attempt to destabilize the situation will lead nowhere. We have three big geopolitical players - Russia, the European Union and the United States. I am sure that Russia does not need destabilization here, it never wanted destabilization around its borders. The European Union also has no such interests, because we are close. The United States is now going through elections on its own, so it seems to me that they are not interested in destabilization, ”

- said Igor Dodon in an interview with the news agency RIA News.

According to him, every effort will be made to ensure that no one can doubt the honesty and openness of the electoral process. The President specifically went on vacation for the duration of the election campaign so that he would not be accused of a possible use of administrative resources. And if the elections are recognized by external observers, then the Moldovan opposition will have to put up with their results, the head of state believes.

As for the “Belarusian scenario,” Dodon is sure: the situation in Moldova is completely different, everyone who wished to take part in the elections is registered, except for one candidate who could not be registered according to the law. Also, a lot of observers will come to Moldova, which means that there will be much fewer reasons for accusations of falsification of the election results.

"In addition, we do not have the protest potential that is in Belarus, if it is not brought from abroad, it will not appear,"

- Igor Dodon considers.

There is another reason why mass protests are unlikely to begin after the elections, and this reason is the coronavirus. The situation with the pandemic is getting worse every week, and not only in Moldova, but around the world. Therefore, the people today are hardly ready to risk their health and take part in rallies, the president said. At the same time, Igor Dodon is confident that the victory must be defended and he is ready to do it if necessary.

“The Socialist Party, which supports me, has enough resources to organize rallies in support of our victory. We are looking at different scenarios in which victory defense might be needed. If the Constitutional Court tries to get involved in political debate, then this is a serious matter. We will have to seriously think about how to react, but we also take this option into account, ”

- said the president.

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