Oct 12, 2021
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Dodgy traveler gives people advice on how to use pillowcases with clothes

use of pillowcases with clothesIf Marie Fe is going on a trip, but realizes that all her clothes do not fit in a suitcase, she will not be upset.

use of pillowcases with clothes

The cunning Australian woman simply stuffs her pillowcase with unnecessary things. It turns out an unusual pillow, which is perfectly acceptable to take with you on board the aircraft.

use of pillowcases with clothes

And, by the way, such a thing is quite functional that the traveler is ready to prove by filming how conveniently the pillow fits under the head for the sake of additional coziness and comfort.

use of pillowcases with clothes

Marie and her boyfriend Jake Snow are famous figures on social media, sharing not only photos and videos from their trips, but also tips on how to make travel more convenient. Therefore, it is not surprising that the trick with the pillowcase and the resulting fake pillow generated a lot of interest among users who took the idea with great enthusiasm.

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