Dec 30, 2020
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Doctors say that masks can not be worn

In an interview, the infectious disease doctor Elena Belova said that she was very surprised that people use masks in the air, especially in uncrowded places, for example, parks. She believes that wearing a mask for those who ride a bike, or for children who play, have fun and run around the streets is not worth it.

Elena Belova works at the Center for the Fight against AIDS, she believes that using a respirator on the street is necessary only if you are in close contact with other people and simply cannot maintain social distance. In other cases, there is no need to wear a mask. The physician explained this position by the fact that in frosty weather the respirator very quickly becomes covered with condensation and gets wet, as a result of which it cools and freezes.

She also said that people should wear a mask solely as a means of protection. A mask can in no way be a winter piece of clothing to keep warm in frosty weather. Therefore, if you are walking on deserted routes, it is best to take off your mask. When you breathe or talk in a mask, moisture forms on the inside. But according to the rules, if the respirator is wet, then it must be removed immediately and discarded immediately. Belova argues that wearing a mask or respirator is necessary only where there is a large crowd of people.

Professor Nikolai Malyshev, who works as an infectious disease specialist, is of the same opinion. He categorically speaks about those who recommend using respirators for citizens in the cold. All people have to do is maintain social distance, the doctor said. After 20 minutes of wearing the mask in the cold, it will no longer be a protection, since it will become wet. In this case, it will need to be urgently replaced, but if there are no people nearby, then there is no point in wearing a mask.

Despite this, the doctor advised the use of a warm scarf in order to protect the respiratory system.

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