Sep 20, 2020
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Doctors Prepare Strikes Against Compulsory COVID Vaccination

Russian doctors opposed compulsory vaccination against coronavirus. The reason was the recommendation of the Ministry of Health to deprive workers of medical institutions of bonuses for refusing to vaccinate against COVID.

The Ministry of Health proposed to deny incentives to those health workers who will not put a new vaccine against coronavirus. According to Kommersant, we are also talking about incentive payments that were introduced this spring for work with coronavirus patients (this is from 25 to 80 thousand rubles).

The document with the recommendations was published on the website of the Ministry of Health. The text talked about obliging health workers to be vaccinated against COVID, and in case of refusal to deprive of premiums.

The health workers' union insists that vaccination should be voluntary, and punishment with a ruble is unacceptable when it comes to human health. Experts suggested that linking vaccination to incentives is not accidental: this is how the authorities are trying to save money on social support for doctors.

- In the case of real facts of deprivation of medical prizes due to vaccinations, the trade union will insist on mass public protests against vaccination, the union stressed.

The doctors themselves, if their rights are so grossly violated by the Russian authorities, are ready to be fired. With today's shortage of doctors, this can lead to irreparable consequences.

Previously, it was assumed that doctors and teachers would receive the first vaccine against coronavirus, but many of them fear that the vaccine will be forced, as in the case of the flu. The main argument against is that the vaccine is still not well understood, in addition, volunteers talk about side effects.

Currently, the document with recommendations for vaccination of doctors has been removed from the website of the Ministry of Health.

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