Oct 13, 2020
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Doctor reveals the results of Trump’s new COVID-19 tests

Sean Conley, the attending physician to the President of the United States, spoke about the results of Donald Trump's tests for coronavirus.

According to the doctor, for the last several days in a row, all tests of the head of the White House were negative, RIA Novosti reports.

Trump passed his first negative test on Saturday, after which his doctor said that the head of state was no longer contagious.

The American leader tested positive for coronavirus on October 2. He was hospitalized for three days and received treatment. However, since Monday, October 5, he is at the White House.

On Sunday, Donald Trump said that he defeated the "Chinese virus" and "feels fantastic." He also revealed that he has developed immunity to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, The New York Times reported that the drugs prescribed to the US president for the treatment of coronavirus could affect his mental health.

In particular, Trump received dexamethasone, a steroid capable of causing surges of energy, euphoria and feelings of invulnerability. Experts believe that due to such a “side effect”, Donald Trump should not be allowed to reach the nuclear button.

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