Oct 14, 2021
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Doctor identifies easy ways to keep your heart healthy

Doctor identifies easy ways to keep your heart healthy

The head physician of the clinic in a hospital in Dusseldorf, said how to protect against heart disease

The doctor suggested that we refuse to use the elevator and go up the stairs. The chief physician of the clinic at the Sana Hospital in Düsseldorf, cardiologist Torsten Dill, told how to protect against heart disease.

According to the specialist, several rules should be followed in nutrition and sports.
– I walk for an hour three times a week, regardless of the weather. Regularity is important for the heart, said Torsten Dill.

The cardiologist added that endurance training is an effective way to protect the heart.

In addition, the doctor suggested giving up the use of the elevator and going up the stairs.

Stable weight, according to the specialist, is also one of the important conditions for heart health. Dill said that he prefers fish and vegetables to meat, which helps not to gain excess weight.

According to the expert, stress is one of the factors of heart disease, as it is usually accompanied by problems with sleep, drinking alcohol and a lot of sweets, as well as smoking, Izvestia writes.

Researchers at the American University of Colorado at Boulder have found out how sleep patterns affect the risk of heart attack.

According to experts, lack of healthy sleep can lead to heart problems even with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

For seven years, scientists have analyzed sleep, genetic data and medical indicators of 461 thousand people aged 40 to 69 years. All study participants never had a heart attack.

It found that compared to those who slept six to nine hours a night, those who slept less than six hours were 20% more likely to have a heart attack for all seven years. For those who slept for more than nine hours, the likelihood of a seizure increased by 34%.

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