Feb 18, 2021
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Doctor explains why some people survive falling from heights

What seems like a miracle happened this week in Moscow: a teenage girl jumped from the 13th floor and survived, landing on the roof of a car. She was seriously injured, but her life is not in danger. According to Nikolai Yarygin, there are no miracles in such stories, there is only a combination of factors that mitigated the injuries.

“Forensic doctors analyze each such case individually, calculating the trajectory and paying attention to all factors that can soften the impact or slow down the fall. For example, a strong gust of wind, loose clothing that can work like a parachute, snowdrifts and trees, especially conifers. There are cases when pilots during the war jumped out of an airplane and were rescued by branches of fir and pine trees, ”the expert said.

In general, the happy rescue of a young Muscovite is rather an exception to the rule. Catatrauma is one of the most severe, and after a fall from a great height, the victim, at best, will remain disabled. The chances of survival are higher in children because they are simply lighter. If a child falls on the crown of a tree or into a bush, he may have less damage.

“It may seem that there are many such stories, but alas, no. As a rule, we learn about them from the press only because they are extremely rare, so they write about them, ”the doctor said.

Cases when a person falls from an insignificant height, including his own height and dies, are also explained quite simply from a medical point of view, says Nikolai Yarygin. As a rule, the most fatal is a fall with the head back on a hard surface, which causes a fracture of the base of the skull.

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