Jan 29, 2021
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Doctor Death. In Italy, Doctor Kills COVID Patients To Free Beds

In Italy, a 47-year-old doctor is accused of murdering patients – the doctor sent serious patients to the next world to make way for others, more “promising”. The doctor’s colleagues believe that he has gone mad because of the stress. La Repubblica spoke about the high-profile case.

Moscow worked in the town of Montichiari – where he headed the emergency department of a local hospital. For colleagues, the doctor was a hero, the newspaper writes. In the spring, when Italy was breaking records for morbidity and mortality from COVID-19, Moscow did not leave the “red zone” for days – and did not see his family for two months.

And then an anonymous note came to the department where the selfless doctor worked. It is a serious accusation: Dr. Mosca has gone mad and kills patients in order to make room in the hospital. It sounded like a madman’s ravings – but colleagues began to remember and compare the facts. And they were horrified. The note was handed over to the police and an investigation began.

The doctor’s colleagues were embarrassed that many of Moska’s patients died almost immediately after admission to the hospital, although there were no prerequisites for such a deterioration.

The nurses who worked with Moska said that the doctor often gave patients potent drugs that were not included in the treatment protocol. He also asked to be left alone with the patients. After that, the condition of the patients often changed rapidly.

The police are now investigating two deaths caused by a doctor and checking the doctor’s involvement in four more. When the investigation became known, dozens of relatives of people who died in this hospital contacted the police. They ask to check the circumstances of the death of their relatives.

According to the local prosecutor’s office, in March, the doctor introduced the 61-year-old Natalie Bassi and 80 year old Angelo Paletti lethal doses of propofol, a potent sleeping pill. There was no mention of the drug in the patient’s medical records.

Moska was charged with murder and falsification of documents. He was arrested. But the doctor denies all charges – including that he injected patients with propofol at all.

Some of the doctor’s colleagues believe that the doctor went crazy with the stress and therefore began to kill. According to the police, this is how Mosca got rid of “hopeless” patients in order to make way for those who could be saved.

Other colleagues even stood up for “Doctor Death”, as he was nicknamed in the local media. They said that Mosca may have carried out an illegal euthanasia – injected with a potent drug so that people who are already doomed would die in their sleep and without suffering.

The first meeting on the Moska case will be held on January 29.

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