Sep 7, 2021
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Do you know why bread is not tasty now?

The Russian Grain Union told about cases of using feed wheat, which is grown for livestock feed, when baking bread. “It’s not a secret for anyone that feed wheat is used for the production of bread,” said the president of the RZS Arkady Zlochevsky

Currently, a new GOST is being developed in Russia, which will allow baking bread from fifth grade flour. At the moment, it is allowed to grow only for livestock feed or for technical purposes. The new GOST, according to Zlochevsky, “consolidates the current state of affairs in regulatory documents.”

According to the expert, fifth grade fodder wheat is used for the so-called bodyagging. “They take improvers, some volume of wheat of the fourth class, mix what is cheaper and at the expense of the improvers get a grinding batch,” – explained the head of the RZS, quoted by Interfax.

Zlochevsky explained the low quality of bread and the transition of bakers to wheat for livestock by the growing costs of making bakery products and “Russian practice” in the pricing of products. The expert claims that today bakers have virtually one way out of this situation – to sacrifice quality.

PY.SY. But I remember my Soviet childhood. The bread was very tasty, and my brother and I often did not bring it home, but ate half a loaf.

I’m not talking about a crust of bread grated with garlic!

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