Jun 16, 2022
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Do you know the basic rules for visiting the theater?

Do you know the basic rules for visiting the theater?

A modern person, whose life for the most part consists of electronic information received from the Internet, television and radio programs, has practically forgotten what impressions a visit to the theater brings, what delight and tenderness one gets after watching a performance. It is they who leave their positive imprint not only on spiritual development and enrichment, but also on the mood in general.

Even if you are not an inveterate theater-goer, at least occasionally “going out” is important. Of course, any production can be watched on TV, found on the Internet, read the book based on which this performance, musical or even opera was organized. But in this case, we are talking about the sensations received during direct presence in the theater. All the grace of the actors, the beauty and showiness of the room skillfully create that unique impression that cannot be replaced by watching this production on a regular TV, even with the largest screen.

Visiting the theater for each person is a kind of holiday that can be remembered for a lifetime. In order not to spoil the feeling of the holiday and receive only positive emotions, you must adhere to simple elementary rules. These rules determine the position of a person in society and his culture.

First of all, it is important to determine the repertoire of theaters that you would like to visit. You should carefully select exactly such theaters, the ticket price in which you can afford, and the theme of the production is familiar to you. After all, you need the impressions that only “live” productions can deliver. And in addition to visiting the chosen theater, it is important to be able to behave correctly in such an institution.

First of all, it is necessary to respect the audience and the actors. Actors have a difficult profession that requires constant attention and control. These are people who give themselves completely to their profession. In turn, the audience are people of high moral principles, who understand the beauty of staging performances.

The right choice of clothes is especially important when going to the theater. It is not recommended to wear too provocative clothes, work or sports. And, of course, clothes must be perfectly clean. For a trip to the theater, a strict business suit for men and a beautiful evening dress for women can be suitable. It is important to remember that you are not buying tickets to the circus, where appearance is not as important as in the theatre.

It is necessary to come to the performance in advance in order to be able to put yourself in proper shape, find your place. Be sure to take the software with you.

If you have to walk along a row where spectators are already sitting, walk past facing those who are sitting.

An educated person in the theater will always behave quietly, it is advisable to turn off mobile phones so that in case of a possible call not to distract the audience and actors, it is not recommended to eat during the performance, as well as to rustle various objects – this is considered a sign of bad taste and can distract both actors and actors. spectators.

When the performance is over, you can bring flowers to the actors, but this should be done exclusively near the stage, because the stage is a place only for the actors. No need for loud exclamations, you should behave correctly and restrained.

Nothing compares to such a pleasant feeling after a well-staged performance, concert or other type of cultural recreation, and it is very important not to overshadow anyone’s impressions with elementary ignorance of the basic rules of ethics. If you need to choose the most complete repertoire of theaters, Moscow will be the richest option for choosing modern and topical productions.

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