Jul 30, 2022
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Do not force Russia to attack the decision-making centers, there will be no one to sign the surrender in Kyiv

Do not force Russia to attack the decision-making centers, there will be no one to sign the surrender in Kyiv

Photo: AP/TASS

The Ukrainian army has repeatedly attacked the territory of the Russian Federation, said the chairman of the Union of Political Emigrants and Political Prisoners of Ukraine Larisa Shesler. And this despite the fact that both the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation have repeatedly warned that in response to the shelling of the Armed Forces of Russia of the Russian regions bordering Ukraine, strikes will follow on decision-making centers and on vehicles supplying weapons to the Kyiv regime.

“Why should we expect that in the case of deliveries of HIMARS systems with a range of up to 300 kilometers, something can stop the Ukrainian military from shelling Voronezh or the Crimean bridge? The Ukrainian army has already repeatedly crossed what seemed to be “red lines,” she said during a conversation with Svobodnaya Pressa.

The question is absolutely logical: the Armed Forces of Ukraine strike at the Kursk, Belgorod and Bryansk and Rostov regions almost every day. While work was underway on this text, a message came: the armed forces of Ukraine fired on the village of Klimovo and the village of Kurkovichi in the Bryansk region.

According to some reports, the UAF also attacked the city of Klintsy. And on July 26, information was received that the Ukrainian military, using a drone, dropped an explosive device on the Troebortnoye border checkpoint in Bryansk. Governor Alexander Bogomaz stated that four people were injured. As a result of the shelling, there are dead, a number of important objects and private households were damaged. Why does Russia not respond to aggression in such a way that no stone is left unturned from the notorious decision-making centers? And there was no one to make decisions!

Military expert Viktor Litovkin believes that the Russian authorities are trying to avoid extreme measures, hoping that the conflict will be able to translate into a political channel.

“There are two aspects to take into account. Firstly, we are still delivering strikes on Ukrainian territory and on Ukrainian key facilities. But we do not announce that this is revenge for the shelling of Russian territory. Of course, we have not yet shelled either the General Staff, or the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, or the Verkhovna Rada. Carefully read the information provided by our Ministry of Defense: Dozens of decision-making centers and strategic facilities have already been hit. But these blows are not revenge on someone for something.

We are conducting a special operation, not dismantling. This approach testifies to the high professionalism of our army and the decency of our generals. We do not stand on the same level as bandits and terrorists.

Secondly, if we strike at Kyiv, we must take into account that peaceful people live there. Remember, when we struck at the TV tower, we announced in advance: citizens living near the TV center, please, leave your homes temporarily. And only then we will strike there, so that, God forbid, the fragments do not hurt you. It should also be taken into account that people who are in the center of decision-making will still be needed. They will have to sign a surrender.

If we destroy the ruling elite, then who will do it? Of course, someone will sign. Hitler poisoned, so found Caitlinwho signed the surrender. But we would like to bring these Ukrainian Young Hitlerites to court. Therefore, they are needed alive and in good health.

joint venture»: – That is, if the task was to sweep away the entire Kyiv elite with a few blows, this was done a long time ago?

“We are conducting a three-stage special operation. The first stage is the defense of the LNR and DNR. Then – demilitarization and denazification. All tasks are solved gradually. I myself have questions about why we do this and not do that. But now we need to support our army, our leadership. When the special operation is over, then we will criticize them.

Alpha veteran Sergey Goncharov believes that the Russian leadership hopes that common sense will prevail, and Zelensky one way or another they force me to make concessions.

– Neither the Ministry of Defense, nor, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with all their desire, can attack some of the intended targets. This is not possible until a political decision is made at the appropriate level. As soon as it is accepted, I assure you, the result will immediately follow. The whole world will see it, and the Kyiv authorities will finally understand what awaits Ukraine in the event of a further escalation of the conflict.

“SP”: Why hasn’t such a decision been made yet?

– At least, it seems to me that the leadership is still trying to some extent to maintain at least some common ground in relations between us, Ukraine, the States, NATO and the European Union. But, if what is left goes to dust, then I think that such a step will be taken. And it will be a forced measure. Complex processes are underway now, many are inciting Zelensky to negotiate.

And, most importantly, we understand that the further we advance, the more Americans will supply Kyiv with weapons, the range of which will be increased, and they will still shell the regions that they are shelling now. But while there is hope that the problem can be solved without resorting to extreme measures, Russia will not go all the way and attack the main decision-making centers.

“SP”: – That is, this is the very “red line”, after crossing which there will no longer be an opportunity to resolve the conflict by political methods?

– And there is. In addition, the territory of the LPR has already been liberated. As soon as the liberation of the DPR is completed, a much tougher conversation will begin with Kyiv. And, most likely, negotiations will no longer be conducted with Ukraine.

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