Apr 18, 2021
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Do I need to install a sink in the kitchen under the window

Do I need to install a sink in the kitchen under the window

O-la-la! This is what the French say when they realize that something did not go quite as planned. We speak a little differently at home, you can’t just write about it, but it is quite possible to try to describe the human feelings that sometimes cause the most ordinary things.

Take, for example, another idea for a food block in the style of an American movie, where a sink with a kitchen cabinet is located directly in front of the window. It’s so great to wash the dishes and watch your little ones while they indulge in the yard. And in general, daylight is much nicer than a cold diode light bulb.

An excellent picture, created by our own illusions, prompted some of our friends to decorate the kitchen in the American style. At first, everything seemed perfect: you can look through the window, and the space was visually enlarged. But later those same nuances appeared. Not only did the acquaintances think for a long time what the sink would be: stone or metal, they also completely changed the layout. Here’s a first-person story.

“First and foremost: splashes of water hit the glass, you have to wash it often. And just washing the window, which is located behind a rather wide kitchen countertop, is a big problem. It is still possible to wash at the bottom, but the upper part is practically inaccessible, even if you stand on a chair. “

“The second disadvantage: since the place under the window is occupied by a kitchen countertop with a sink embedded in it, and we turned the second window into a glazed door with access to the terrace, the dining table had to be placed near the wall. Therefore, on winter days, when we have to eat in the house, we are deprived of the pleasure of watching the life of the garden, we have to look at the wall. “

“The third minus: it is inconvenient to open the window for ventilation. We have to stand on tiptoe, reach for the handle, because our windowsill is wide plus the width of the tabletop itself. In order not to suffer once again, our vertical window is always open, regardless of the time of day and weather, and this is not always convenient ”.

“If we were to plan the kitchen today, we would place the sink along the wall, which has no windows. But the dining area would definitely be turned into a cozy place where, over a cup of tea, at any time of the year, in any weather, even in rain or snow, you can watch our favorite birds, watch how titmouses and finches peck seeds in a feeder and fight for pieces of fruit. “

“This is the story with a sink made of artificial stone, it all started with it. My husband and I then appreciated all the advantages: it is convenient to clean, traces of use are invisible, I really like the overall look. But in a kitchen that does not seem cozy, all these pleasant bonuses now have absolutely no meaning … “

It is difficult to say what the real problem is, it cannot be that the stone sink for the kitchen has influenced the fact that the owners of the house no longer like the kitchen. At what stage do you think the error crept in? Maybe if our friends had stopped at a metal sink, everything would have been different? Opinions in the editorial office were divided, and we could not find the optimal answer. We hope you can help us.

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