Jan 23, 2021
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DNA test showed that Dmitry Shepelev has 57 relatives

14:00, 01/22/2021

The ex-presenter “Actually” conducted a study to identify ethnicity.

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Former host of the show “Actually” Dmitry Shepelev, wondered who his ancestors were. The TV presenter decided to do a DNA test. Through research, he planned to confirm or refute the family legend.

As Shepelev said yesterday, the opportunity to make an examination turned up by chance. “DNA exclusive. In short, I was presented with a DNA test. Soon, as the tabloids say, the “SHOCKING truth‼” will become known – Dmitry said in his microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation are given here and below without changes – Prim. line.). He recorded a humorous video where he explained that his goal is to determine his ethnicity. they say, in their family there is a legend that one of the ancestors brought a Turkish wife in the Russian-Turkish war. Now Shepelev wanted to check if he had Turkish roots.

Dmitry Shepelev spoke about the family legend

As the test showed, most of his ancestors are Belarusians and Russians, which he did not doubt from the very beginning. The examination also showed the presence of genes from the Caucasus. And it was a surprise that Dmitry had 57 relatives, who were identified by a DNA test.

Dmitry Shepelev shared the results of DNA research

By the way, it is not the first time that Dmitry Shepelev has come across definitions of relatives by scientific methods. The TV presenter for three years hosted the program “Actually” on Channel One. The show has been approached by people who are in confrontation with real and prospective relatives. Using a polygraph and DNA tests, the project team, led by Shepelev, shed light on the facts of who is who and to whom. The show revealed illegitimate children, false fatherhood, distant family ties and infidelity. At the beginning of last year, Dmitry left the project without explaining the reasons. It was rumored that the case was not without a scandal. After a rather long break, Shepelev became the host of the family show “You are like me”, where stars and their children perform funny tasks. As he noted, he likes the new format, where there are no scandals and investigations. Shepelev’s place in “Actually” was taken by Timur Eremeev.

Dmitry Shepelev in the studio “Actually”

By the way, Dmitry Shepeleva often becomes the object of criticism. Many reproaches were addressed to him for his attitude to the cancer patient and deceased ex-lover Zhanna Friske, for hiding their common son Plato from grandparents – the singer’s parents, for litigation with relatives. In mid-January, the TV presenter got into the media in connection with the news of the sale of a share of Zhanna Friske’s elite apartment on Shmitovsky Proezd. A third of the real estate belongs to Platon Friske, whose parent and legal representative is Dmitry. It turned out that Shepelev decided to sell part of his son’s property. It is estimated that his share is worth about 15 million rubles.

Dmitry Shepelev became the host of the show “You are like me”

Zhanna Friske’s parents were extremely concerned about this decision of Shepelev. They even filed a lawsuit, but they returned it due to lack of jurisdiction. Jeanne’s father and mother were outraged by the fact that the ex-lover of their late daughter decided to sell the share to the wrong hands, while a relative of the pop star is trying to leave everything unchanged and intact in it. Even five years after Jeanne’s death, they did not rearrange things. Now in Friske’s apartment everything is located exactly the same as it was during her lifetime.

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