Oct 28, 2021
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Dmitry Tarasov will walk to the left, the specialist is sure


The specialist expressed her opinion about the personal life of football player Dmitry Tarasov.

The hype around the possible parting of Dmitry Tarasov with his third wife Anastasia Kostenko, who is about to give birth to his long-awaited son, does not subside. The model herself provoked conversations about marriage problems by removing her husband’s surname from the profile and publishing a post about betrayal. However, the very next day, the athlete’s wife retracted her words and made everything as a joke.

Kostenko said that she only pretended to be dissatisfied with Dmitry, in order to clearly demonstrate how easy it is to manipulate public opinion. However, many did not believe in the explanation of the model, especially since physiognomy experts believe that Tarasov, as they say, has a tendency to cheat on his face.

Dmitry Tarasov
Dmitry Tarasov

According to specialist Elena Miff, the footballer with Kostenko managed to create a strong pair, because they have a similar physical or visual type. However, a family idyll can be destroyed by an athlete who loves female attention – it is enough to count the number of Dmitry’s marriages.

Dmitry is what he is, and he will “walk” and take the attention of women all his adult life. He is an intriguer, he loves to be admired, looked at as the god of beauty, attractiveness. The same can be seen from him“, – quotes the physiognomist” Channel Five “.

Recall that Dmitry Tarasov married for the first time to Oksana Ponomarenko, who gave birth to his daughter Angelina. Their marriage lasted only four years and broke up when the footballer had an affair with Olga Buzova. The athlete also went down the aisle with the star of “House-2”, and then divorced with a scandal, and again because of treason. Now Dmitry claims that he has finally found his happiness with Kostenko, but the public is skeptical about his words.

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