Oct 15, 2021
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Dmitry Tarasov was completely left without money


Football player Dmitry Tarasov begs for things through barter.

It seems that the affairs of the football player who previously played for Lokomotiv are not going in the best way. Dmitry Tarasov became a blogger, recently held a marathon on family relations. Also, the player is trying to get some barter services.

Tarasov’s correspondence with the capital’s car rental company appeared on the Web. The footballer asked for a car in exchange for advertising on his personal blog. “Do you work as a barter? I need a car this week. One is under renovation, the other is for sale“, – admitted the 34-year-old player

Dmitry Tarasov
Dmitry Tarasov

By the way, recently his ex-wife Olga Buzova made a sarcastic comment about Dmitry’s deplorable state. “I have not followed his life for a long time, although I always experience parting for a very long time, because love is a part of me. What can I say? Firstly, I am very offended for his wife, because Dima still remembers me, looks at my photos, uses them. And secondly, you know, you have to be, not seem. My ex-husband, who said that one of the reasons for the divorce was that I often sat on Instagram, now, as I understand it, has become a blogger.

All exes feed on my last name. I am not sorry, the main thing is that people are happy and healthy. And if Dima needs money and this is the only way to earn money, then let him. Of course, I want the children to be provided for, dressed, shod and get a good education.“, – noted the star.

Recall that Dmitry Tarasov will soon become a father again. He and his wife Anastasia Kostenko are expecting their third child – a son. For Dima, who already has a daughter Angelina from his first marriage, this child will be the fourth. As for Kostenko, she admits that she allegedly does not sit idle on maternity leave and also makes good money.

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