Mar 30, 2021
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Dmitry Tarasov told why he loves his wife

Football player Dmitry Tarasov is unclouded in alliance with model Anastasia Kostenko.

Dmitry Tarasov told why he loves his wife

The couple are raising two daughters – Milana and Eve. The athlete also has an heiress Angelina from the first union.

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On March 29, Anastasia Kostenko celebrated her birthday. The husband touchingly congratulated her on her 27th birthday in his Instagram account. In the publication, the athlete said why he loves his wife.

Dmitry Tarasov writes that his beloved is unhypocritical, blameless, faithful, kind-hearted, respectful and welcoming.

“For understanding. Whatever happens, Nastya is forever and in everything she strives to understand, support and give advice. This motivates me greatly. For kisses. This is our tiny tradition. We strive every day, as if we can give a friend to a friend thicker, ”he adds.

Judging by the list provided by the athlete, the attractive appearance of Anastasia Kostenko is not at all in the first place for him. Alkaya, he noted that his wife is for him the most beautiful woman in the world.

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