Oct 29, 2021
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Dmitry Tarasov spoke ambiguously about his marriage


Football player Dmitry Tarasov commented on the spat with his wife.

The athlete and Anastasia Kostenko are waiting for the addition to the family. In a few days they will have a long-awaited heir. True, a caring father is in no hurry to visit his wife.

Dmitry Tarasov spent the whole day at home with his daughters and published funny videos on social networks. Fans ask him what is wrong with Kostenko and hear in response: “Should give birth today or tomorrow“.

At the same time, the ex-player of Lokomotiv himself previously announced that he was going to attend the birth. But now, it seems, is not in a hurry to see his wife. Answering one of the questions, he even stated: “In connection with the latest events, until Nastya subscribes to me and returns my surname, I will think“.

Dmitry Tarasov with his wife
Dmitry Tarasov with his wife

And then, unexpectedly, he published a quivering story, where he said to his youngest daughter: “Mom left us, left me with the kids. We can handle“. And although the subscribers caught the sarcasm in his words, it seems that the last days before the birth of the long-awaited son are hard for the family.

Note that the couple already have two common daughters. And the footballer also has an eldest daughter from his first marriage.

The girls are looking forward to the birth of their brother. The eldest daughter Milan, it turns out, had a presentiment that there would be a boy.

“She said clearly and clearly:“There is a brother! ” Every evening, when I put her to bed, Milana asked to show the baby in the Pregnancy + app. Well, she really likes to observe the dynamics of development and listen to the heart (I bought a fetal doppler). Dreams Come True. And I always dreamed of a big family“, – Kostenko admitted earlier.

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