Oct 19, 2021
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Dmitry Tarasov spoke about his retirement from sports


It became known that footballer Dmitry Tarasov ended his sports career.

On the eve it became known that the athlete completed his football career and arranged a farewell party for the Veles club. But today the athlete himself got in touch and explained his act.

According to 34-year-old Tarasov, he did not end his career, but took a break. This is due to family circumstances, namely, with the wife’s pregnancy. “The day came when I made the decision to suspend my professional football career. The decision was made due to the fact that we are waiting for the birth of my fourth child. Therefore, I think it will be right if I spend more time with my wife, we will wait for this moment together. If my priorities are correct at this stage, I choose my family. I don’t know what will happen next. We need to think a little bit, take a break“, – said the midfielder in the video, which was posted on social networks.

Dmitry Tarasov
Dmitry Tarasov

He also expressed his gratitude to the president of the team, as well as to the coaching staff and those who are involved in the work of the club. “I wish the entire team of FC Veles Moscow good luck and achieve their goals. Special thanks to the fans, there are not many of them, they follow us“, – admitted Tarasov.

I don’t say goodbye, I don’t say goodbye“, – Dmitry said philosophically.

Note that the midfielder moved to the club “Veles”, playing in the FNL, in early July. He previously played for Rubin and was a Lokomotiv legend. During his career, the player was the champion of Russia, the silver medalist of the RPL, and also won the bronze. He also has three Russian Cups, which he won with the Lokomotiv team.

According to rumors, Tarasov was offered lucrative contracts on television, which in many ways exceed his salary at the club – it is a symbolic 50 thousand rubles. In addition, he makes money from advertising on social networks and other projects.

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