Aug 9, 2022
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Dmitry Tarasov spoke about his hysterical wife


Football player Dmitry Tarasov revealed seditious secrets of his personal life.

Sporsman and Anastasia Kostenko diligently demonstrate a family idyll on the social network, but do not deny that they sometimes quarrel. As it turned out, the football player remembers scandals with his wife for a long time, because his wife throws serious tantrums at him.

As soon as the couple has some kind of misunderstanding, Anastasia begins to bombard her husband with messages in order to clarify the situation. At the same time, Kostenko is terribly angry and recalls old grievances to the athlete.

She’s nasty when she’s angry. She is vindictive. Takes out the brain. He writes when we have a misunderstanding, a billion messages. She is unbearable when we are in a quarrel. But I still love her“, Tarasov said.

Dmitry Tarasov with his wife and child - photo from the archive -
Dmitry Tarasov with his wife and child – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

The football player, as you can see from his “story”, does not stand on ceremony with his wife. And not only is he ready to publicly talk about her shortcomings, but also to expose her in an unsightly form on the social network. For example, Dmitry recently captured their family morning, but did not pay attention to the fact that Anastasia appeared in the frame in a stretched T-shirt, shorts and disheveled, clearly unwashed hair. This is exactly how Kostenko walks around the apartment when the camera is not directed at her, so her appearance does not surprise the football player, but the subscribers were shocked by the sloppiness of the model.

According to rumors, it is not by chance that Tarasov has so many claims against Kostenko. Rumor has it that the athlete is cheating on his wife, who bore him three children, and eyewitnesses even saw him flirting with two beauties in a sports club. Yes, and with his ex-wife Olga Buzova, as it turned out, Dmitry continues to keep in touch.

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