Oct 24, 2021
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Dmitry Tarasov at the end of his career found a new job


It became known what the footballer Dmitry Tarasov would do.

Just the other day, Dmitry Tarasov told his fans that he was leaving the capital team of the third division “Veles”, in which he played for only a couple of months and scored one goal in nine games.

It seems that the 34-year-old athlete again did not work out with colleagues, although he explained his departure by the desire to be next to his third-time pregnant wife and two daughters who were already born. He said that his family is more important to him than his career.

No sooner had the fans trampled on this news, making assumptions about what Olga Buzova’s ex-husband will do now, apart from child production, as he again surprised everyone. As it turned out, the former Loko midfielder is leaving professional sports, but not football. Now he will play in the amateur team of FC “Na Sport”.

Dmitry Tarasov
Dmitry Tarasov

Who does not know – this is a team that consists of Dani Milokhin, Yegor Ship, T-Killah and other stars. For them, the appearance of a former famous football player in their composition was a great joy. Actors, singers, comedians and bloggers warmly welcomed the former celebrity into their cast, hoping that this will ensure their future success on the field.

By the way, Dmitry Tarasov is now also a blogger, so the club of football fans is quite professional for him. But the haters maliciously showered the father with many children with insults, believing that it was high time for him to join the amusing team.

The right choice, start a barbecue career (firewood is yours) “,” That’s right, Dimon, football is not yours. We are waiting for a simple, dimple, I’m a banana-banana, well, and another marathon, you will be an info-gypsy “,” Maybe it’s enough to cover up career failures with your family? “,” You need to leave on time. In your case, it should have been done a long time ago“, – write in the comments under his post on Instagram.

Dmitry did not react to the provocations, recently he has already got used to the negative in his address.

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