Jan 14, 2022
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Dmitry Tarasov after the scandal took his wife to an expensive resort


Football player Dmitry Tarasov with his wife and children went on vacation.

More recently, the marriage of Dmitry and Anastasia was bursting at the seams due to the football player’s passion for show business and rumors of his infidelity, but now everything seems to be fine in the family. The other day, Tarasov fulfilled Kostenko’s long-awaited dream of resting in a warm country. Now spouses with children and mothers enjoy hot days in the Maldives.

Now the couple are enjoying a vacation in one of the Maldivian villas, a night in which costs an average of 160 thousand rubles. Anastasia, who recently gave birth to her son, is actively sharing her impressions of the long-awaited trip with subscribers and demonstrating her toned figure in a two-piece swimsuit.

We are on the spot. Eva (the second daughter of the couple – ed.) arranged for us. This little man didn’t sleep the whole flight (which is almost eight hours) and guess when she passed out? On landing. In a minute. No chance. Therefore, upon arriving on the island, we immediately handed over the children to their mothers, and we ourselves went to sleep for a couple of hours (well, not quite ourselves – one little friend was nearby and commanded a milk bar). I am delighted with the villa, I don’t quite understand what’s what, but I’m very happy. Thank you, my love, I dreamed of such a postpartum recovery”, — shared a 27-year-old mother of many children in a personal blog.

Dmitry Tarasov with his wife
Dmitry Tarasov with his wife

Recall that shortly before the New Year, a scandal erupted in the Tarasov family. While Kostenko was sitting at home with three small children, Dmitry attended a social event, where he ran into his ex-wife Olga Buzova, who did not miss the opportunity to humiliate the ex-chosen one.

Initially, I asked the organizers who would be at the event. This was important to me. The name of Olga Buzova did not sound anywhere, so with a calm soul I came to the evening to support the video of Margo (Margo Ovsyannikova – ed.), in which I played the main role. Then I saw Olya … She came in the same outfit in which Margot starred in our joint music video”, — justified 34-year-old athlete.

Anastasia Kostenko was upset and was depressed for a long time. “I was thrown into this shit. And I don’t need it, now it’s absolutely not up to deshman intrigues”, she complained in an interview with subscribers.

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