Jun 4, 2022
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Dmitry Shepelev walks with children while his lover travels with her girlfriends


TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev let his wife go on a trip with friends, and he spends time with his children.

Dmitry Shepelev is worried about the departure of his beloved. Ekaterina Tulupova, as the presenter said, left him at home for the elder, and she herself went away from home. As it turned out, the common-law wife of the TV star asked her husband for a short vacation, which she would spend with her girlfriends.

It seems that it was difficult for Shepelev to decide on separation. He is still not sure that he made the right decision. Either he is embarrassed by Tulupova’s security issues, or he does not want to be left alone with three children at home.

Ekaterina Tulupova
Ekaterina Tulupova

Let Katya and her friends go on a trip. To Dagestan. Still not sure if it was a good idea”, Shepelev said.

Fans cheer the presenter and write that he did the right thing. Firstly, short separations always have a good effect on a couple’s relationship. And secondly, it is obvious that a young mother needs to at least sometimes take a break from household chores. “Great idea! Happy and rested mother – advice and love in the family”, – fans write to Shepelev.

Left without a wife, the TV presenter went for a walk with his sons. Dmitry published footage of walking with his sons, holding their hands. It is noteworthy that Plato has already become tall and can touch his father’s shoulder with his head. But little Tikhon learned to walk.

Dmitry Shepelev with his sons
Dmitry Shepelev with his sons

family archive“, – wrote the TV presenter.

Fans admired the picture. Many noted that the boys have grown up. “Two brothers”, “Well, what a cuteness!”, “The youngest is trying to keep up with dad”, “How time flies, the youngest is already walking in full”, “It’s good that you have Katya! Unique, irresistible”, Subscribers commented on the footage.

By the way, the chosen one of the TV presenter has a daughter, the same age as Plato. And last year, the couple had their first common child – son Tikhon.

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