Feb 16, 2021
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Dmitry Shepelev spoke about his daily routine

TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev said that he was not sitting without work after the close of the show “You are like me”.

Dmitry Shepelev spoke about his daily routine

On an individual Instagram account, he spoke about his daily routine. Dmitry Shepelev admitted that he wakes up at 06.00. In this case, first of all, he went to bed in the morning, and woke up at lunchtime.

“This order, of course, has countless obvious advantages of the subject“ to do a lot ”, but the sweetest one is another breakfast at 11. Even early in the morning I try to spend without gadgets, not to clog my head with electronic garbage,” writes Dmitry Shepelev.

Then the TV presenter escorts his son to school and is busy with business until evening. “There is sports, work, meetings, well, everything seems to be at everybody’s interval for lunch,” he added.

Dmitry Shepelev spends the evening with his last name, and goes to bed more sincerely by midnight.

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