Feb 22, 2021
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Dmitry Shepelev showed a spicy present from his bride

In the coffin of January, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev turned 38 years old. After almost a month, he decided to show subscribers one of the gifts presented to him by his betrothed-mummer Ekaterina Tulupova.

Dmitry Shepelev showed a spicy present from his bride

According to Dmitry Shepelev, the gift in a mysterious box, which was presented to him by the dialect, is not the only one, but the funniest one. He invited subscribers to guess what was disappearing behind the package.

Having told the sighters about several assumptions, the TV presenter reported that a set of six glasses with thermal stickers, which depicted young ladies in underwear, disappeared in the box. When the glass is heated, the sticker varies, and the girls captured in the photo do not even have underwear left.

The exalted Dmitry reported that he had not seen these young ladies for about thirty years. According to him, he is going to donate the set to his parents to amuse them.

“Let them hide, but not from me, but from the grandchildren,” added the presenter.

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