Jan 30, 2021
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Dmitry Shepelev lost his job on TNT channel

19:48, 01/29/2021

The show of the host “You are like me” was closed due to low ratings.

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In September last year, a family game show started on TNT “You are like me” with Dmitry Shepelev as a host. The program participants were stellar families, whose members did not appear on the country’s small screens before the program. For the short existence of the project, the show studio managed to visit Basta, Alexey Shcherbakov, Azamat Musagaliev, Ilya Sobolev, Gabriel Gordeev and other representatives of show business.

Today it became known that the show “You are like me” was not renewed for a second season. The program was canceled due to low ratings. Unfortunately, the program “You are like me” has never entered the top ten most popular projects of the channel. It is noteworthy that Dmitry Shepelev had high hopes for this project. The presenter admitted that before participating in “You are like me” he had never felt so comfortable in the frame.

Dmitry Shepelev with his son Plato

According to an employee of the TNT channel, after the game show closed, Dmitry Shepelev auditioned for a similar project MAMA LIVE, but failed. “His candidacy was even seriously considered, but in the end the KVN-scholar and actor Ivan Pyshnenko was approved,” a source shared with the publication “StarHit”… By the way, Shepelev’s show was disliked not only by the general public, but also by some stars. So, Tatiana Lazareva previously stated that she considers “You Like Me” a monstrous program that she would never agree to lead.

We add that recently, 38-year-old Dmitry has faced difficulties not only in the professional field, but also in relations with relatives. A couple of weeks ago, between the host and the parents of his late common-law spouse Jeanne Friske there was a serious conflict. The reason for the quarrel was Shepelev’s decision sell part of the singer’s apartmentowned by their common seven-year-old son Plato… Dmitry’s intention greatly angered Jeanne’s father and mother. The star’s parents fell on the host in court, hoping to prevent the sale of luxury real estate. However, Friske’s relatives failed – the court returned the claim on the basis that “this court has no jurisdiction over the case.”

Zhanna Friske with her parents

It should be noted that Zhanna Friske’s apartment is of particular importance for the singer’s parents. After the death of the star, the artist’s relatives turned the apartment into a museum. Friske’s things have not been rearranged from their place since the death of the star. According to Jeanne’s sister, she and her parents only occasionally visit the house of a deceased relative to clean up and make sure that everything is in order with the apartment.

Recall that Zhanna Friske died in the summer of 2015. The singer fought a brain tumor for a long time, but she could not overcome the oncological disease. The star was treated abroad – in the USA, Germany and China. The doctors managed to achieve remission, Zhanna even moved to the Baltic States to undergo rehabilitation. However, according to the sister of the deceased, Friske spent the last five months of her life unconscious. All the specialists refused from the artist, and Zhanna was transported to a country house near Moscow.

Dmitry Shepelev and Zhanna Friske

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