Apr 7, 2021
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Dmitry Shepelev congratulated his son from Zhanna Friske on his birthday by publishing an archive photo

10:57, 04/07/2021

Plato is 8 years old.

In 2013 Dmitry Shepelev first became a father. The now deceased lover of a 48-year-old TV presenter Zhanna Friske gave her chosen one a son Plato… Today the boy is eight years old. In his microblog on Instagram, Dmitry touchingly congratulated his son. As a rule, the presenter practically does not show his son to the public, however, in honor of the holiday, the star father made an exception and published a joint archive photo with Plato.

In addition to a rare photo, Shepelev shared his memories of the emotions that he experienced after the boy was born. Dmitry admitted that he was very worried about the newborn son during his first medical examination. “Every touch of a stranger to him caused me just an animal reflex, an instinctive desire to protect:“ Hey, take it easy! Have you decided to prick him? I’ll show you now. Be careful with my son. Seriously, you better not touch. ” That was the first reaction, “- said the presenter (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. – Prim. line.).

Dmitry Shepelev with his son in 2013

Dmitry added that over time, the aggressive instinct to protect his offspring dulled, but did not completely disappear. Shepelev noted that there is a special connection between him and Plato. “We are more than father and son. More than friends. And knowing this is a great happiness, ”the TV presenter shared. The happy father also added that he is very proud of the baby’s successes and talents.

By the way, despite the reluctance to make Plato a public person, Dmitry willingly shares the success of his son in sports. It is known that now the boy is seriously involved in tennis. The kid trains a lot, and also participates in various competitions. Recently, Plato began to gain victories in tournaments. So, last March Plato won the first place cup for the first time at one of the tournaments. The proud father of the child announced the good news. Shepelev showed the award and admitted that his heart almost jumped out while he was rooting for his son.

Platon Shepelev

We add that Plato managed to take the first prize in his life in competitions not so long ago. Last November boy received a bronze medal, which also made Dmitry very happy. Moreover, Shepelev emphasized that all the awards to his son go exclusively to his personal perseverance and sports achievements. The presenter admitted that Plato’s grandfather urged him to use his connections and rig the victory for his offspring, but Dmitry flatly refused. Shepelev replied to the parent that he would never interfere in the competition of his son. According to the presenter, Plato is a versatile and talented boy who, over time, without outside help, will be able to achieve great success.

Recall that Plato’s mother passed away shortly after the baby was born. Doctors discovered Zhanna Friske’s cancer – an inoperable brain tumor. The singer died two years after the birth of her son. Until her 41st birthday, the artist did not live only a month.

Zhanna Friske with her son from Dmitry Shepelev

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