Jan 11, 2021
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Dmitry Shepelev confessed his dislike of the New Year holidays and called them “crap”

04:14, 01/11/2021

The TV presenter came to the conclusion that such a long rest unnecessarily relaxes fellow citizens.

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On the New Year’s Eve, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev told the audience of his microblog on Instagram about how important this holiday is for him. The journalist shared touching memories of the New Year’s celebration. As Dmitry emphasized, he perfectly remembers his childhood in detail. Then he noted with displeasure that he also remembered the moment when part of the magic came to an end and he began to be disappointed in the holiday.

“New Year’s Eve, here we (the children) are already in bed and fall asleep impatiently, and from the living room the loud voice of my aunt:“ So, what will you give Dima (me)? ” This is how I found out that Santa Claus was not there, but I was not upset at all, ”Shepelev noted sadly in his publication (the author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given without changes – Prim. line.).

Dmitry Shepelev as a child, archive photo

The night before, in his microblog on Instagram, Dmitry Shepelev also criticized another indispensable attribute of the winter holidays – the traditional New Year holidays. The TV presenter sincerely confessed his dislike for the New Year holidays and even called them “crap.” The journalist believes that such a long rest only hurts, unnecessarily relaxing fellow citizens. However, Shepelev immediately admitted that he himself just had a great rest on these holidays. He supported the publication with his photo from a ski resort in the company of his beloved Ekaterina Tulupova.

Dmitry Shepelev confessed his dislike of the New Year holidays

“Now I will say a very unpopular thing. A 2 week long countrywide vacation sucks in my opinion. Somnologists (those who study sleep) repeat that it is impossible to get enough sleep for the future. You won’t be able to get drunk for the next months either, anyway, most drink every week. Olivier and mayonnaise, the ones that now hang over the belt, are also for us to drive (or not to drive). You can’t get a family together in two weeks, it’s daily work. Well, let’s not forget that after such a vacation, everyone will “swing” until the end of January! In short, start scolding me, fellow vacationers. Hope you were good. Yes, in general, and me too. With the coming, the coming and what else …) ”, – the TV presenter reasoned.

Dmitry Shepelev with Ekaterina Tulupova

Note that in the last months of 2020 Dmitry Shepelev began to pay more attention to his family – now he often talks about his child Plato, whom Zhanna Friske gave birth to. In his microblog on Instagram, Dmitry now also shows a photo of the bride Catherine and a video with her son taken in training – earlier Shepelev tried not to let anyone into his personal life and carefully hid his loved ones.

We add that earlier Shepelev said that it was very difficult for him to meet with Friske, since journalists constantly monitored their personal lives. We will remind, the relationship of Dmitry Shepelev began in 2011 after filming the program “Property of the Republic”. The couple tried to hide their romance, but in 2012, joint photographs of lovers fell into the hands of journalists. Then Dmitry and Zhanna stopped hiding the relationship.

Dmitry Shepelev with Zhanna Friske

Now Dmitry Shepelev is not alone. In 2017, he met the architect Ekaterina Tulupova. Lovers live together and together raise children from their first marriage: Plato and building – daughter of Ekaterina Tulupova. Shepelev admitted that, together with his new chosen one, he managed to find happiness and find family peace.

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