Sep 6, 2022
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Dmitry Shepelev boasted that his son Plato shoots videos on social networks


TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev said that his eldest son from Zhanna Friske started his account on social networks.

Zhanna Friske passed away eight years ago. She was a popular singer and performed regularly on stage. However, soon after giving birth, the artist died. She left her son Plato, who took the boy’s father Dmitry Shepelev under his wing. He was not married to a star, but everyone knew about their relationship.

It is noteworthy that Shepelev is in conflict with Friske’s family. He does not allow his son to see his grandparents, as well as his aunt Natasha. However, relatives are now waiting for him to grow up and find them himself. But they do not hide the fact that they are watching him on social networks.

And on September 6, Dmitry decided to boast that Plato now has his own social media accounts. Friske’s son posted the first video on his account. The boy played the guitar one of his favorite tunes. She wrote the commentary in English.

Platon Shepelev
Platon Shepelev

Hi all! Plato is here and this is my first post here. This is a cover version of the Guns N’ Roses guitar solo “November Rain”. I hope you enjoy this dish as much as I did when I made it. Hooray! Write me a comment if you like”, — says the caption to the video.

This is where my older friend recorded his first riels! I’m incredibly proud! And the guitar channel went bust! I just checked for errors.“, – admitted Dmitry.

Fans admired the way Plato looks. Many were amazed that the boy is very similar to his mother. Fans also believe that the boy has musical talent, which he inherited from Jeanne.

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