Apr 1, 2021
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Dmitry Shepelev admitted that his children disliked his younger brother


Presenter Dmitry Shepelev told how the older children perceived the new family member.

How to make sure that older children are not stressed by the appearance of a baby in the family? After listening to friends, we realized that talking with elders and preparing them for birth is not enough. You cannot do without gifts, and long-awaited ones, which have been wanted for a long time and very much. For our children, it was a cherished soft toy and a comic book set. And also the headmaster suggested a cool idea: initiation into the “senior”.

Dmitry Shepelv
Dmitry Shepelev

“For adults, we awarded gold medals to“ Big Brother ”and“ Big Sister ”. Fertilized it with a personalized cake. And you know, now instead of “we will feed him to the dogs” we hear “what a cute baby” 😅 Everyone exhaled, because there are still many new tasks ahead. By the way, the nannies woke up in the dogs and they do not leave the crib. “, – a native of Minsk opened his heart.

Fans of Shepelev were shocked by such an emotional reaction of his son to the appearance of his brother. “I’m shocked, honestly “,” Mine were also unhappy, but it never entered my head to say “,” I was brought up, however “,” I’m amazed that you are humorous, but there is nothing funny “,” It was jarring from your words“, – wrote the followers.

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