Aug 10, 2022
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Dmitry Potapenko: For our country to get on its feet, every citizen must rise from his knees

In the photo: businessman and public figure Dmitry Potapenko.

In the photo: businessman and public figure Dmitry Potapenko.

Svobodnaya Pressa continues to discuss further ways of developing our state — the project “Development of Russia: Ideas. Opinions. Projects. What needs to be done here and now, what is the image of the future of the country? Today he expresses his opinion businessman and public figure Dmitry Potapenko.

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– The key thing that we need to understand for ourselves is that in the next 5-7 years, a gradual simplification of the economy and socio-political processes is expected. Everyone wants development, to be sure to go up, but it all depends on the starting point. First of all, from the society that we ourselves are building.

Today, most of the people around us sincerely believe that they have a small inner world, and somewhere in “big Moscow”, let them decide something, after which they will somehow adjust. In this paradigm, this will happen – in a very small group of elites, a decision will be made, and everyone else will have to adjust.

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If you don’t want to manage your life, don’t manage, you have a legal right to do so. But don’t be offended by the consequences.

Our stages of development are absolutely natural – you can get out of an authoritarian regime only into a “proto-democracy” regime, in which people in uniform govern. In everything related to the economy, under no circumstances will people in uniform attract a certain team of experts, where there will be alternative opinions.

This is absolutely justified, because otherwise it will be necessary to make decisions in the so-called political sphere based on what the experts say. And this, accordingly, will belittle the status of the military, since it will put them on the same level as the experts.

Let us recall the fundamental message of the classic of Marxism-Leninism: first the economic basis, then the political superstructure. In general, politicians illusoryly think that they control the world and the economy – in fact, they control economic laws, which are not at all equal to the laws of money.

And most of our fellow citizens sincerely believe that the economy is only about money. No, it is primarily about the social structure, about how people earn.

Therefore, the degradation process, I repeat, will be quite long – up to 5-7 years. The chance that the process will go differently – that in such a vast territory people will suddenly realize that in fact the power is in their hands, the world is in their hands – it is insignificant, I think.

The problem with the Russian Federation is that it is not governed as a federation. They are trying to run it like an empire. But it is not such, because the empire is not a territory, but technology and human potential.

For imperial potential, a territory like Russia must have a population of at least half a billion people. As a matter of fact, one of the elements of the collapse of the USSR was a very small market. It is impossible to create internal technologies for such an insignificant market, no matter how much one would like to. Hence the attempts to create a CMEA, but even there the numbers fell short of what was needed.

So, the degradation process will be long enough. At the same time, Russia will not fall apart, because it is pointless for Tatarstan to separate, it is impossible to establish cross-border relations. Yes, it is possible for the border territories to be abandoned to neighboring states – this applies to the Kuril Islands, Chechnya, Dagestan and Kaliningrad, since there is someone to join.

We also expect a five-year lavish funeral, as we partly returned to the days of the late USSR, when the ruling gerontocrats lost the Union. Vladimir Putin very much worried about the geopolitical catastrophe, as he says, while it was a demographic catastrophe. Much depends on our people, although they still do not understand that everything is in their hands and they are obliged to manage life.

“Tsar-father” does not prohibit the sale of pies. “Tsar-father” does not forbid going to parent-teacher meetings – you are obliged to go to them. “Tsar-father” does not forbid being elected to the council of the house, entrance and improve them. “Tsar-father” does not forbid you to be elected to the municipal administration and manage your district.

Most of our fellow citizens will say that this is boring – then you should not just indulge yourself with the illusion of a change for the better. In the same United States, there are 80 levels of electivity as such. Everyone goes through training, they constantly choose someone, there is a class president, a school president, a sports team, so there is not only a rotation, but also the development of management skills.

And we all deny these skills. Here, as they say, either you are a drover or a mule. There is no other option here.

Raise Russia from its knees, can only be lifted by an ordinary citizen who must lift himself from his knees. You don’t have to pass it on to anyone. Who should raise? Insert? Navalny? Vasya? Petya? Dima? Nothing like this! Russia will rise from its knees when every citizen gets up from them.

I am 52 years old, I receive the fifth and sixth higher education. I get up at 3:30. I work multiple jobs. Maybe I’m not the best example, but, damn it, maybe others can do something?

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