Dec 30, 2020
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Dmitry Pevtsov touchingly honored the memory of his mother who died this year

04:37, 12/30/2020

The actor will meet the New Year without a parent for the first time.

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This summer, the family Dmitry Pevtsov lost the actor’s mother. In July it became known that Noemi Semyonovna Robert died in the hospital where she was in the last weeks of her life. Dmitry was very close to his mother. Noemi lived with Pevtsov, his wife and son, and after hospitalization the woman was regularly visited by the actor’s family. Until her 92nd birthday, the star’s mother did not live to see just a few weeks.

Today Dmitry remembered his mother who passed away six months ago. The actor shared a picture with his parent on social networks and paid tribute to the memory of the deceased. The singers admitted with regret that the coming holidays prompted him to think about the deceased. For the first time, an actor will have to celebrate New Years without Noemie. “Suddenly I realized that 2021 is the first New Year we will celebrate without a mother … the Kingdom of Heaven … To all of our departed. Take care of those who are near, please, “- wrote Dmitry in his microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. – Prim. line.).

Dmitry Pevtsov touchingly honored the memory of his mother who died this year

It is worth noting that the fate of Dmitry Pevtsov’s mother was not easy. Noemi’s repressed father died in the camps, and his wife had to raise children alone. The attitude towards the family from others was biased due to the status of the woman’s deceased husband. And yet, despite a difficult childhood, Dmitry’s mother was able to achieve a lot. Noemi went in for equestrian sports, spoke three languages ​​and in addition entered the university at the Faculty of Medicine. Singers told the story of his deceased relative shortly after her death, also sharing archival images of her mother.

Recall that death, unfortunately, is not the first time that Dmitry Pevtsov has a loved one. Eight years ago, the actor lost his son from his ex-wife Larisa Blazhko… 22-year-old died in an accident Daniel… The tragic event happened during a party at which the heir to the star celebrated the fifth anniversary of his graduation from school with friends. Son Daniel went out onto the balcony of the third floor and leaned on the railing, which as a result fell off together with the young man.

Dmitry Pevtsov with his son Elisha, mother-in-law, mother and wife

A fall from such a height resulted in numerous injuries for Pevtsov’s son. Daniel was taken to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with clinical death. The heir to the actor began cerebral edema. Doctors tried to save the situation with surgical intervention, but none of the two operations performed could save the life of the star’s son. Just a week after the incident Daniel died… The young man was buried at the Troekurovsky cemetery, and last month it became known that Dmitry himself had already bought myself a place next to my son’s grave

The death of the only child hit Dmitry painfully, but in 2007 Pevtsov had a child from his current wife, an actress Olga Drozdova… The appearance of another heir was not only desired, but also long-awaited. The couple tried to conceive a child many times, but the attempts remained in vain for a long time. Only after 13 years of marriage, the family received a replenishment in the person of Elisha. It is noteworthy that the actor’s mother, who had passed away, was especially awaiting her grandson. According to Dmitry, Noemi wanted to see her second grandson no less than the artist himself – his son.

The deceased son of Dmitry Pevtsov Daniel

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