Aug 7, 2022
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Dmitry Pevtsov suggested crushing artists like bedbugs


Actor Dmitry Pevtsov believes that artistic activity must be tightly controlled.

The actor and politician proposes to introduce strict control in the field of art.

Recently, the actor and deputy Dmitry Pevtsov joined the group to investigate anti-Russian actions. Now he offered to control the arts in Russia.

Pevtsov believes that the state has every right to control all those works of art for which budget money is allocated.

Dmitry Pevtsov - photo from the archive -
Dmitry Pevtsov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Everything that goes on big screens, stages, exhibition halls should be under the control of the state – this is obvious. Otherwise, we will destroy ourselves. And that which destroys our state from within must be crushed like bedbugs. A large number of such “bugs” we have in culture and art, especially in big cities”, – quotes Pevtsov “Parliamentary newspaper”.

In his opinion, for this it is necessary to create a special group of experts, which will include psychologists and representatives of religious denominations.

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