Oct 13, 2020
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Dmitry Pevtsov honored the memory of the late Mark Zakharov on his birthday by publishing archive photos with him

08:47, 13.10.2020

The actor thanked the legendary director for his wisdom and fatherly care.

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85-year-old Mark Zakharov passed away a year ago, two weeks before his birthday. At the end of August, the legendary art worker, who had been feeling unwell and short of breath for several days, was admitted to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed Mark Anatolyevich with bilateral pneumonia. Despite the stable, according to doctors, the patient's condition, Zakharov died a month later - on September 28.

Today the great director would have turned 87 years old. 57-year-old Dmitry Pevtsov touchingly congratulated his teacher, thanking the deceased for life lessons. “MARK ANATOLIEVICH! Happy Birthday! THANK YOU for 28 years by my side, in your theater. Thank you for Figaro, for The Seagull, for the Mystification, for Vabank, for Juno, for The Taming of the Tamer, too, for The Oprichnik, for Falstaff, for the Trap ... Thank you for the performances, in which I did not participate, I just watched them ... Thank you for your wisdom, for the difficulty of working with you. Thank you for the photographs where I am next to you, and I want to brag about it ... Thank you for your paternal care, for continuing to check my thoughts and feelings about the theater according to yours ... Thank you for your generosity ... We pray for you, ”wrote the actor in his microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged - Prim. row.).

Dmitry Pevtsov is proud of photos with Mark Zakharov (gallery - scroll to the right)

57-year-old Dmitry Pevtsov collaborated with Mark Zakharov for three decades. At the funeral service on the day of the director's funeral, the actor made a touching speech about the great teacher and colleague. The singers noted that Mark Anatolyevich was baptized, and his art was permeated with light, hope and love. Therefore, Zakharov will be able to take the good into that world that he did for everyone - and this, according to Dmitry, can be envied.

Recall that the creator of the cult paintings "Twelve Chairs", "An Ordinary Miracle", "The Same Munchausen" and "The Formula of Love" were buried at the Novodevichy Cemetery next to the graves of People's Artists of the USSR Georgy Danelia and Oleg Tabakov. There were so many fans at the funeral who wanted to accompany Mark Zakharov on his last journey that there was a crush. However, she could not darken the moment of parting with the artist.

The Lenkom Theater was named after Mark Zakharov in memory of the great director's merits

It should be noted that Mark Anatolyevich was the chief director of Lenkom for 46 years. After his death in November last year, the theater management asked the city authorities to name the theater its eminent artistic director. Indeed, over the decades of working in the theater, Zakharov made it a real asset of the country's cultural life, and many performances staged by the master went down in history as brilliant. It was there that the legendary musical rock opera "Juno and Avos" appeared, in which the main roles were played by the stars of the national theater and cinema: Nikolai Karachentsov and Alexander Abdulov. The initiative was approved. The institution was named the Moscow State Theater "Lenkom Mark Zakharov".

We add that Dmitry Pevtsov in an exclusive video interview "Around TV" admitted that he had creative differences with Mark Zakharov. The case concerned the replacement of Nikolai Karachentsov, who had died of cancer, in the musical play "Juno and Avos". The singers admitted that it was difficult to find actors for this role after it was performed by Karachentsov, who was everyone's favorite. Dmitry had to agree with the choice of artists by Mark Anatolyevich, although Pevtsov himself would like to see other actors in the production.

In an exclusive video interview "Around TV" Dmitry Pevtsov spoke about his creative and personal life

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