Apr 26, 2021
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Dmitry Nagiyev will become the fourth presenter of the “MUZ-TV Prize”

For more than a month, the organizers of the musical event did not disclose the name of the fourth presenter. They managed to keep the intrigue among the audience and have already been approved for this position.

Dmitry Nagiyev will become the fourth presenter of the

Previously, the names of the three leading “MUZ-TV Awards” this year were known: Ksenia Sobchak, Alexander Revva and Anastasia Ivleeva.

At the gala dinner, the identity of the fourth mysterious contender was finally revealed. It turned out to be a showman and actor Dmitry Nagiyev.

The Fizruk star missed this triumphant moment, but recorded a video message.

“I heard that Sasha Revva was left alone this year, without a partner. We’ll have to save him! ”Nagiyev said. According to him, he will become “the fourth leader in the list and the first in the rating.”

Maxim Galkin and Olga Buzova claimed the position of the leading music award. For the bursting TV presenter, going on stage at the MUZ-TV Prize was supposed to be a debut. However, many viewers did not like this direction, so much as if Buzov was called instead of the veteran of this ceremony Kudryavtseva. Lera has been leading the awards since the first year of the existence of this award.

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