Feb 24, 2021
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Dmitry Nagiyev was in the arms of a half-naked blonde


53-year-old actor and presenter Dmitry Nagiyev intrigued fans with a candid photo with a girl.

The showman posted a picture with a mysterious stranger. The artist appeared in the frame in a black shirt, pants of the same color, sneakers and a white baseball cap. But the TV presenter’s companion appeared in a green swimsuit. Moreover, the blonde poses from the back, showing all the charms of the figure. “Voice 60+” does not always go smoothly. We have to calm down the participants. Get the best comments from the commentaries. There is no time for stretching, ”Nagiyev signed the publication.

Netizens immediately reacted to the showman’s snapshot. “Up to 60 is still far away! Get some rest! ”; “Nice view! The best relaxation for the soul and eyes ”; “What a figurine in 60+ … Fire!“- noted the subscribers.

Dmitry Nagiyev with a stranger
Dmitry Nagiyev with a stranger

Dmitry Nagiyev prefers not to flaunt his personal life. After the showman divorced the writer Alice Sher, almost nothing is known about his novels. The artist himself noted only that he had long been happy with that one. “My beloved, who rose to the rank of general with me, knows for sure that I have changed little as a person. I came up with a lot of new images for myself, but inside the house, my family, I remained a simple guy from the Citizen – this is the name of Grazhdansky Avenue, where I grew up … I appreciate friendship. And I was lucky: my beloved woman is my best friend. Love is what I am without. The hand of my beloved is in your hand, children, hopes for work – that’s what I don’t live without“, – Dmitry admitted.

Note that from the alliance with Cher, the artist has a 31-year-old heir, Kirill. However, they say that Nagiyev is the father of two more children. From different women, Dmitry raises a son, Mark, and a daughter, Mira.

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