Feb 23, 2021
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Dmitry Nagiyev spoke about military service

On Lawyer of the Fatherland Day, Russian actor Dmitry Nagiyev spoke about serving in the Soviet army.

Dmitry Nagiyev spoke about military service

The popular artist spoke harshly about his service in the ranks of the Soviet army.

“It’s wasted time. Maybe this actually gave me some kind of hardening. However, probably, this same hardening can be obtained in sports, and even more importantly – in the library or in other ways, ”Dmitry Nagiyev said in a commentary to the Argumenty i Fakty publication.

However, the actor formulated the hope that the routines in the army had changed, because earlier hazing reigned there. The artist added that colleagues performed on him with stools. He was saved from serious consequences by his mastery of martial arts.

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