Oct 12, 2020
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Dmitry Nagiyev spoke about his personal life: “I’m not alone”

Dmitry Nagiyev spoke about his personal life: "I

Dmitry Nagiev

53-year-old Russian actor and showman Dmitry Nagiyev does not spread about his personal life and leads a rather closed lifestyle. He was married once - married to TV presenter and journalist Alice Sher, from whom he has a 31-year-old son, Kirill, he lived for 24 years. But with whom he is meeting now is unknown.

However, Nagiyev's heart is definitely not free - he himself admitted this on the air of the program "You Won't Believe It!" on NTV. The actor said that he has a beloved, but he did not reveal her name.

It's complicated with women, but I'm not alone. I will write a book about my personal life so that people cry and cry. Fair. At my age, I don't have to figure out and choose women. I am glad to all passers-by

- he declared.

Dmitry Nagiev

Nagiyev has been together with his beloved for many years. He admitted this a few months ago in an interview with 7Dney.

My beloved woman is my best friend - said the actor about his second half.

It is also known that Kirill is not his only son. According to rumors, Nagiyev has two younger children: son Mark and daughter Mira. The actor himself, however, not only does not show them to the public, but generally prefers not to talk about them. Nor does he speak of their mothers.

According to the actor, it is not difficult for him to hide his personal life. Even if they go out with their beloved into the light, they try not to attract attention to themselves.

Keeping your privacy secret is easy - just not showing it, that's all. And even if my beloved and I are somewhere at the premiere, we just sit at different ends of the hall,

- he notes.

Dmitry Nagiev

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