Feb 17, 2021
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Dmitry Nagiyev provoked rumors that he has a daughter

15:45, 17.02.2021

The actor mentioned in an interview that he has more than one child.

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Dmitry Nagiyev never touches on the topic of his personal life. More often the actor talks about work and discusses various issues. Until recently, it was only known that the 53-year-old artist has a 31-year-old son, Cyril. However, today in an interview, he made it clear that in addition to his son, he has another child.

So, communicating with journalists, Dmitry Nagiyev provoked rumors that he has a daughter. When asked whether it is difficult to be the father of an adult daughter, the actor succinctly replied: “Since the press is seething with various speculations about my personal life, to be honest, I took something from my personal experience in my relationship with my daughter.”

Dmitry Nagiyev with his son Kirill

The fact that Nagiyev may have another child became known in 2018. So, in an interview with Yuri Dudya for the YouTube channel “VDud”, the actor let slip that he has more than one son. Nagiyev and Dud discussed the cons of their star statuses and shared how their relatives relate to their busy work schedule. “How often do you get asked why you are doing all this?” – the interviewer asked the guest. “The son mostly asks the elder. Hmm, well … Kirill, that is, “- then Dmitry hesitated and continued the conversation. In addition, back in 2015, a number of media outlets reported that Dmitry is happily married to a girl who is far from a public lifestyle. According to journalists, the showman’s chosen one gave him another heir. However, Dmitry himself neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.

Recall that Kirill was born in Nagiyev’s marriage to an actress and radio host Alice Sher. When the boy was 12 years old, his parents divorced, having been married for 18 years, although their relationship had cracked much earlier. A few years before the official divorce from the showman, his wife wrote a book “I was the wife of Dmitry Nagiyev”, and then another one – “How to never get married. The harmful advice of the ex-wife of Dmitry Nagiyev. ” After the divorce, Nagiyev himself stopped advertising his personal life.

Archival photograph of Dmitry Nagiyev with his son Kirill

It is worth noting that Kirill does not hide that he got his first movie roles thanks to his father. Now Nagiyev Jr. is actively filming in various projects. So, two weeks ago the comedy “Undercover Stand-Up” was released, where one of the main roles, a comedian named Ilya, was played by Kirill. Nagiyev Jr. not only acts in films, but also works in the theater. Cyril noted that it is important for him, regardless of money and any benefits. Dmitry Nagiyev said that his son receives a very modest salary in the theater. “Kirill and I have different approaches to life and creativity. He likes to work for 20 thousand in the theater and play seven main roles there. At his age, I could not afford it, and now I don’t want to, ”Nagiyev said in an interview with“ Wday ”.

Kirill Nagiyev himself shared that it is not easy for him to combine acting in the theater with filming a movie. Especially during a pandemic, when colleagues often fall ill, they have to be replaced and rescued. Due to the tight schedule, Kirill has to give up roles. Nagiyev is also in no hurry to participate in entertainment programs.

The son of Nagiyev admitted that for many years he wanted to play in a film about World War II and the blockade of Leningrad. Since childhood, Kirill has been fond of history and various theories of its development. When he was in school, he wanted to become an archaeologist. According to Kirill, when he dresses in a historical costume at the theater, those around him say that this image suits him very much. Nagiyev admitted that he understands the psychology and characteristics of a person who lived at a different time, and for this reason he is trying to try his personality on himself as much as possible. We add that Kirill is now working with director Klim Shipenko. So, they have already started filming the new film “December”. The film also features Alexander Petrov and Vladimir Vdovichenkov.

Klim Shipenko and Kirill Nagiyev

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