Feb 24, 2021
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Dmitry Nagiyev made fun of his work in the show “Voice”

07:08, 02.24.2021

The 53-year-old showman noted that he has to reassure the participants who did not pass the competition.

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Dmitry Nagiyev is the permanent host of the show “Voice”, “Voice. Children “and” Voice 60+ “. The first season of the popular TV project with the participation of the showman was released on Channel One in October 2012, two years later, the artist held the first season of a similar vocal competition, but for a children’s audience, and in the fall of 2018, his image also graced the national adaptation of the music show IN Vote, but only with much mature contestants. The actor himself is always skeptical of his popularity, admitting that he would like to participate in fewer shows and make money by doing business.

Today, a post appeared on Nagiyev’s Instagram microblog in which he ridiculed his conduct of the Voice. She published a photo from the filming of Sarik Andreasyan’s new series “Nagiyev in Quarantine”, which started on February 16. “Voice 60+” does not always go smoothly. We have to calm down the participants. Get the best comments from the commentaries. There is no time for raskoryachka “, – Dmitry joked (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. – Noteed.). By the way, in the picture with the TV star, a blonde posed from an unexpected angle, which provoked additional comments about the mysterious companion and about the showman’s marital status.

Dmitry Nagiyev made fun of himself by publishing a photo with a blonde

Note that Nagiyev was married only once. The radio host became his chosen one Alla Nagievabetter known as Alice Sher… In August 1989, she gave her husband a son, Cyril, who, as you know, followed in his father’s footsteps. The common child did not help the spouses to keep the family, and in 2010 they divorced. It is noteworthy that the public learned about the marriage with Cher only from the book of the radio host, who frankly spoke about her family life with Nagiyev, including about his many betrayals.

Kirill and Dmitry Nagiyev in the TV series “Nagiyev in quarantine 2”

After a divorce from his wife, Dmitry met with Natalia Kovalenko, who at first was his colleague on the radio in St. Petersburg, and then became his agent. There were also rumors about the host’s relationship with Anna Spector, which, according to some media outlets, gave birth to a girl more than eight years ago. It is noteworthy that a week ago, the 53-year-old artist fueled these rumors by telling one of the interviews that he had the experience of a father to his daughter.

It is worth emphasizing that there is much more information about Nagiyev’s professional life than about his personal. As you know, in February this year the eighth season of “Voices. Children ”, in which Dmitry resumed his duties as a presenter. We add that the showman rarely softens his causticity by making comments to the star colleagues – mentors in the project. So, during the blind auditions, the artist called the elderly Svetlana Loboda, who came out to support the crying participant. “There’s nothing to cry here at all. Have you seen the audience dance at someone’s performance? So that the elderly Loboda tore her ass off the chair and start dancing on crutches? Nobody had it, only you! ” – Dmitry Nagiyev joked then. And before that, he criticized Yegor Creed, who became the show’s mentor for the first time. The artist said that at the age of 26, he still needs to learn himself before teaching children.

Yegor Creed became a mentor in the show “Voice. Children”

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